AGC saves university 60% on IT costs

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AGC saves university 60% on IT costs

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(Louisville, Ky.) Jan. 10, 2017 – AGC is helping Spalding University save about 60% in IT maintenance costs while providing advanced video surveillance and other technology solutions.


Thanks to AGC, maintenance costs for Spalding’s technology systems have fallen by about 60% while efficiencies and return on assets have increased, noted Ezra Krumhansl, Spalding’s Chief Information Officer.


Spalding, Aerial Lawn

AGC’s IT solutions save Spalding University 60% in costs while new video-surveillance designs offer maximum situational awareness for an urban campus that has grown 40% since 2010. (Photos courtesy of John Sommers Photography)

Founded in 1814, Spalding University is a diverse community of learners dedicated to meeting the needs of the time. The campus, located in downtown Louisville, Ky. has grown by 40 percent since 2010.


From its command center, AGC provides Spalding University with real-time “health and wellness” monitoring and incident resolution for video surveillance cameras, access control, IT networking, emergency call boxes and other platforms or components.


AGC’s video surveillance design is eight times more efficient than the previous configuration and requires far fewer cameras to provide maximum situational awareness. AGC also prevents the possibility of human error because key processes are now fulfilled automatically. Some incidents that once required a Help Desk ticket by Spalding’s IT staff, such as changing access-control privileges, are now done automatically thanks to AGC’s integrations.


“Campuses need holistic solutions that integrate security with other technologies to help ensure their platforms, hardware and other components operate at maximum performance and efficiency,” added Chris Keller, who co-founded AGC in 1995.


“AGC understood not just technology and security but our purpose as a university,” Krumhansl added. “They listened to our needs and designed a solution that supports a growing campus offering a rich experience for today’s learner.”


Founded in 1995, AGC is an integrator of voice; structured cabling; security technologies; physical security, asset protection and investigative services; audio/visual; and data IT solutions. Clients represent education, aviation, manufacturing, large corporations, data centers, government, law enforcement, health care, utilities, retail and non-profits. With service partners in North America and Europe, AGC serves thousands of customers with nearly 100 percent client retention. 


AGC explores every option to deliver the right solution ─ on time and on budget. The world is becoming more tech-driven and complex. Our solutions make your world better. Follow us at, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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