Speaker array safeguards entire facilities

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Speaker array safeguards entire facilities

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From a four-speaker array about 1,260 feet away, vocal commands were heard with astonishing clarity (down to the last syllable) during AGC’s mass-notification demo held recently in Louisville, Ky. Using a perfectly shaped sound wave, this system delivered remarkable intelligibility and clarity, yet the sound wasn’t overwhelming.


Vocal commands can penetrate windows, ambient noise and hearing-protection equipment. We can even deliver intelligible audio from a distance of 3,696 feet.


The sound is as clear from six football fields as it is from six feet away. AGC can provide an effective communication system that can reach thousands of people at a time during natural disasters, unrest or hostile attacks.


As part of this solution, mobile speakers come in rugged, weatherproof housing and this technology is effective in both mobile and fixed installations. Mobile speakers allow for rapid deployment on tripod stands or in emergency vehicles, boats or aircraft. This equipment can also be integrated into new or existing outdoor notification systems.


This solution is suitable for industrial and manufacturing facilities; universities; air, ground and sea transportation centers; public spaces; transportation centers; plus a variety of other settings.


Industrial facilities, law enforcement, campuses, theme parks, airports and other settings can benefit from this solution. The technology is adaptable and effective for mobile and fixed installations.


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