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Boost your IT investment, reduce stress

Posted on: May 10th, 2017 by admin No Comments

We hear a lot of questions from enterprises about their IT infrastructure, PC support and other concerns. Three common examples:


  • How can I get the most from my IT investment?
  • How can I reduce stress over potential hacks, failures or other problems?
  • How can I free my time to focus on other goals?

Believe it or not, our first answer is not technical at all. It comes down to giving you “IT’s Golden Rule,” as we say. That means you deserve complete answers – even if that means you decide to do business elsewhere. Sticking to our philosophy is always best, all the way around.


‘Break fix is no fix’
To address these questions, our first reaction is they often indicate that a firm is working in a “break fix” culture. By that, we mean they manage their IT infrastructure and security from an “as-needed” basis and in a reactive manner. In the break-fix world, firms often go into scramble mode when a problem hits, especially during a weekend or holiday.


Unfortunately, many firms will contact a technician only to face more headaches during the resolution phase. Repair times can get very expensive and extend for weeks. It’s not fair to pay more for a slow response.


Alternative solutions
When looking at a firm’s IT concerns, one of our most effective solutions is called iCheck Managed Services. This offering combines our software management tool with maintenance support from AGC personnel clients know by name.


iCheck management tool provides these advantages:

  • Leading antivirus and spyware license
  • Windows patch management
  • 24-7 system hardware checks, monitoring and alerts
  • A software agent to provide remote support to clients’ PC

In addition, the iCheck services component enables AGC technicians to perform the following:

  • Monitor antivirus and spyware updates and maintain proper operational status
  • Monitor and respond to any issues related to patch management
  • Respond to any alerts generated from the system hardware checks
  • Support Windows operating systems and overall network communications
  • Support end users’ Internet access
  • Overall support of firewall and network switches
  • Services pertaining to the access and functionality of Office 365 applications
  • General Windows support questions regarding settings, personalization, etc.

Additional benefits

  • IT planning and strategies
  • IT hardware and software procurement management and discounts
  • Send alerts about issues identified by monitoring, in many cases ahead of failure
  • Reporting on PC/server hardware and software assets
  • Web content filtering management if firewall is provisioned by AGC
  • Network design and management if switches are provisioned by AGC

Lean more
Click “Request a Free Quote” from our website to learn more about iCheck Managed Services or call 502-583-6000. We have case studies that illustrate how some clients have saved 30 to 40 percent in IT costs while benefitting from an advanced system. As one CEO said, “It’s like having an internal director of information services without the exorbitant salary.”


We’re ready to answer any questions, including factors that can either decrease or increase the costs for iCheck Managed Services.

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