Which VoIP option fits your business?

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Which VoIP option fits your business?

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In our business, we hear the term VoIP almost daily. But what does it mean? And how does it pertain to business telephones? These are good questions because you want the right features, voice quality and a fair price. Plus, you don’t want to purchase an unnecessary system that only runs up costs.


VoIP ‘in a nutshell’
One problem is that VoIP is often interpreted to mean different things. This can create lots of confusion among enterprises, even those with experienced IT professionals, about which solution is truly right for them.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Other terms are Voice over IP and IP Telephony. In a nutshell, VoIP can be established in two different facets of your overall voice solution:


  • The delivery of your phone service via the Internet and,
  • The means by which your desk phones communicate with your phone system.


Two main options
Following are descriptions for the two main VoIP options in addition to a few pros and cons plus general pricing comparisons.


  1. Hosted VoIP Service – Customer owns IP phones, but the actual phone system resides on the Internet. A reliable Internet connection is critical. And QoS (Quality of Service) measures should be implemented to ensure the required amount of bandwidth is available to maintain call quality and reliability.


This option typically has the lowest capital cost but usually higher monthly fees.


  1. On-premise VoIP System – Customer owns IP phones and the actual phone system residing in their office. If the phone service is being delivered via the Internet, then a reliable Internet connection is critical and QoS measures should be implemented to ensure the required amount of bandwidth is available to maintain call quality and reliability. In many cases, premise-based systems can be provisioned with traditional phone service offerings in addition, or as an alternative, to Internet based phone service. Many premised-based systems can support digital phones and IP phones, which can communicate over existing or older cabling.


This option typically has the highest capital cost with lower monthly fees.

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