AGC relieves stress of office relocation

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AGC relieves stress of office relocation

Posted on: October 9th, 2017 by Donn Dunker No Comments


Moving to a new office is never easy. But when phone and fax lines are not working at the new site, stress levels only go higher. This was the pending crisis the regional office of a Fortune 500 insurance company faced until they called AGC for quick resolution.


“We had just moved into a new office when a technician from another company never showed to perform scheduled work on connections, including our modem and ethernet,” said Kelsey Gelzleichter, manager of the insurer’s Indiana offices in Jasper, Evansville and New Albany. “I requested a free consultation from AGC online and was contacted within 10 minutes.”


Gelzleichter credits AGC for getting a technician on site quickly and in making arrangements within AGC to ensure her request was handled ASAP. AGC fully understood the urgency. After all, the insurer’s reputation as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies is based on customer commitment. For any firm, that reputation stops the second communications go down.


“I expressed my concerns regarding time, cost and my lack of knowledge in the data field,” added Gelzleichter. “AGC was more than accommodating. It brought me great joy to work with someone who takes pride in providing excellent customer service for their company.”


AGC understands technology and communications are essential to a firm’s reputation and ability to succeed in a competitive landscape. The solutions AGC designs reflect outstanding expertise, even groundbreaking innovation – but always with an eye on lowering customers’ cost of ownership, reducing stress, increasing revenue and keeping stakeholders happy.


“This approach comes natural to AGC and has been our platform for success since 1995,” said Chris Keller, AGC founder. “It’s why we build customer relationships that span over 20 years. I was only happy to serve a client that shares the same philosophy toward customers.”


AGC’s competencies include voice (both cloud and on-premise phone exchanges); information technology; audio/video; fiber and copper data cabling; video surveillance and access control; in addition to sound notification and other systems.


And the firm understands clients must address all types of challenges, from those unexpected fires to designing long-term solutions that pay off over decades.


“I have dealt with countless customer-service situations over the past three weeks,” Gelzleichter wrote in a thank-you note to AGC. “None of them have come close to your service. You were a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to meet our needs.”

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