AGC holds active shooter presentation

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AGC holds active shooter presentation

Posted on: January 29th, 2018 by admin No Comments

You arrive at work to begin a typical day. There’s the usual chatting with employees, checking email or seeing what meetings are ahead. Then you hear odd popping sounds. You tell yourself something is falling or perhaps it’s firecrackers in the distance. No need to stop what you’re doing.

This assumption signals a lack of preparedness, a mistake that could mean you or a co-worker are at risk of never returning home.


Such is the reality of today’s active-shooter incidents, a topic presented Jan. 18 by Advanced Global Communications to members of the Charlestown, Ind. Chamber of Commerce. The presentation was timely considering this violent crime is more likely to hit businesses than any other target, according to AGC.

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Check out coverage of the Charlestown presentation courtesy of News and Tribune

AGC began the session with a police training video that dramatized a former warehouse employee going on a shooting rampage shortly after being terminated. It’s a realistic scenario because most incidents result from some type of internal conflict or domestic spillover. To help firms become prepared, AGC recommends companies address active-shooter preparation much like tornado and fire drills. Too often, AGC has learned, businesses had discussed putting in place active-shooter plans but never followed up.


Being prepared begins with an emergency plan that’s well-considered and thorough. It should be shared with local police for their input and communicated skillfully among all employees to help build a culture of awareness, much like workplace safety.


Identifying and securing “soft spots,” designating escape routes for disabled employees and reviewing HR termination policies are just some topics to cover. Conducting training and drills on a scheduled basis are essential.

Shots fired
If shots are fired, AGC addressed three main options: run, hide or fight. The presentation examined which is most viable, depending on how an incident unfolds, the firm’s response plans and other circumstances. Preparation, communication and training are designed to help employees take the recommended action, when seconds mean the difference between life or death.


AGC also outlined proper steps employees must follow when police arrive, such as making your hands visible, avoid rushing toward the officers and following their instructions.