Break Free from ‘Break-Fix’

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Break Free from ‘Break-Fix’

Posted on: October 7th, 2016 by admin No Comments

The routine has become old, tired and costly: You encounter a data-services problem. Going into “scramble mode,” you contact a technician only to endure more headaches and downtime during the resolution process. That’s a desperate way to run a business – especially when IT is critical to the bottom line.


Break free from break-fix
Instead, break free from the break-fix routine with Managed Services by AGC. By monitoring your network and devices, Managed Services can fix potential issues before they happen. We can deliver resolutions quickly and efficiently by technicians who understand your network, often by remote access. Advantages include:


  • Dedicated tech support You receive a primary technician who understands your network and devices. Unlike break-fix, you can ask for your tech by name. A back-up technician continually monitors your network, server and PCs as well.
  • Daily monitoring ─ Advanced tools monitor your environment in real time and prompt AGC to respond when needed. AGC can address data-storage levels, potential hard-drive failures, software updates and PC/printer incidents.
  • Image backup We have a unique solution for backing up all data to give clients complete peace of mind.

Managed Services is about managing ─ not scrambling. It supports reliability, ROI and reduces your cost of ownership. Learn more at 502-583-6000.


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