AGC helps clinic grow 12 to 14%

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AGC helps clinic grow 12 to 14%

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(Louisville, Ky.) Dec. 21, 2016 – Managing  a veterinary clinic brings tremendous challenges. But for St. Matthews Animal Clinic in Louisville, Ky., solutions by Advanced Global Communications have enhanced customer service, revenue growth and efficiencies. Stress among the clinic’s staff is greatly reduced as well.


For the clinic, AGC’s proactive formula has supported revenue increases of 12 to 14 percent annually plus hard-dollar savings and return on investment that accumulate year over year, said Dr. Mike Schardein, who acquired the practice in 2002.


This strategy encompasses telecommunications; information technology, including 24-7 network monitoring and maintenance; security platforms; asset protection and fraud prevention; as well as other components.


As a result, St. Matthews Animal Clinic’s business platforms are as advanced as the clinic itself. The practice offers wellness, ultrasound, digital radiography, therapeutic laser treatments and more services at 111-R Fairfax Ave. and adjacent facilities in Louisville’s St. Matthews neighborhood.


Additionally, the practice continued to run smoothly during the ownership transition, extensive renovations and the acquisition of the adjacent properties.


“AGC did two things to make things right for us,” added Dr. Schardein. “Number one, they listened to what we are trying to accomplish and, two, they helped educate us to enhance our ideas.”


The advanced phone solution even reduces stress among front-desk employees. By routing callers to proper department more efficiently, the staff is free to focus on customers inside the clinic in a relaxed setting. AGC’s solution eliminates busy signals. Callers are routed to the right department without the annoyance of being placed on hold.


“We came through for the clinic despite periods of change and new challenges,” AGC co-founder Chris Keller said. “Our formula is based on listening to clients to develop solutions that fit their unique circumstances. We build relationships in addition to technology solutions, our approach since AGC’s founding in 1995.


Founded in 1995, AGC is an integrator of voice; structured cabling; security technologies; physical security, asset protection and investigative services; audio/visual; and data IT solutions. Clients represent education, aviation, manufacturing, large corporations, data centers, government, law enforcement, health care, utilities, retail and non-profits. With service partners in North America and Europe, AGC serves thousands of customers with nearly 100 percent client retention.


AGC explores every option to deliver the right solution ─ on time and on budget. The world is becoming more tech-driven and complex. Our expertise makes your world better. Follow us at, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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