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The ‘Eyes, Ears and Voice’ of Your Business
Audio/visual services from AGC are the eyes, ears and voice of your business. We enable you to communicate, collaborate and get more done. We offer a full-scope of technologies that were unimaginable even 10 years ago.


Cloud-based Conferencing
AGC doesn’t merely host video conferences. We transform them. AGC provides cloud-based video conferencing with rich features like screen sharing, instant meetings, calendar integration and annotation tools that enable teams to work on files for all to see. You can arrange formal gatherings from a conference room or “meetings on the fly” while in the field or on the go. Participants can connect using any device from anywhere in the world. AGC hosting obliterates the idea of location, bulky hardware or bandwidth concerns.


Digital News Displays
Pictures are worth a thousand words. But the value of digital news displays from AGC is incalculable to your enterprise. Our technologies impact audiences using high-quality monitors that display breaking news, bulletins, videos and moving “news crawls” – all in attractive, colorful layouts. AGC can install an entire network of news monitors or a single unit at high-traffic locations, such as reception areas, waiting rooms and walk-in centers. We provide the software that allows you to create content from a workstation and release it system-wide. Or, you can upload content to a video monitor using a flash drive.


Mass Notifications
Safety is on everyone’s radar. That’s why AGC designs and installs mass-notification systems so you can issue warnings about weather events or respond in seconds during any emergency. Using multiple technologies, including cloud-based systems, AGC can customize audio/visual alert systems for athletic-fields, universities, manufacturing facilities and other enterprises. You can release live or recorded message over mobile phones or speaker systems, including wireless units. AGC performs sound-mapping to eliminate “dead spots” and ensures you are using the proper equipment and technology, from speaker capacity to systems that can be heard over ambient noise.


Full Range of Services:
• Cloud-based video conferencing
• Digital-news monitors/technologies
• Mass notifications, including wireless solutions
• Multi-purpose/conference room design and installation
• Motorized and fixed-mounted projectors
• Permanent, motorized and manual screens
• Sound masking, systems and microphones
• LED video monitors