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Building Communications Systems that

Our video surveillance solutions can see intruders in total darkness with event-to-action alerts designed to keep you safe.


Your World Protected

Your world protected. AGC fulfills this mission each day, from clean water used by millions of people to the electricity that powers modern life. Our security solutions help to protect utilities, law-enforcement agencies, governments and companies large and small. AGC even secures major events televised around the world.


Of course, absolute security is impossible. But AGC takes full measures to safeguard critical infrastructure, facilities and police in the line of duty as seek to achieve this mission.


Full-range of Security Solutions:

• IP video-surveillance and legacy CCTV systems
• IP and wireless control systems
• Complete access control, from single entries to multisite facilities
• System monitoring to resolve issues before they occur
• Service of legacy NVR and DVR systems
• Intrusion detection and monitoring
• Installation and training
• National scheduling for multi-site projects, moves, adds, changes


Complete ‘Situation Awareness’

We provide solutions designed to safeguard people, property and assets. Our expertise ranges from cameras and lighting to integrating video-, alarm- and access- control systems into a unified platform to achieve “situation awareness” that’s intelligent and complete. AGC also offers cloud-based active camera views and storage.


Managed Services & Active Camera View

AGC’s Managed Services team monitors the performance of surveillance cameras, network servers and other system components to identify and resolve problems quickly, which can be critical for large enterprises.


Mobile Security Device

AGC has designed a mobile security device that can be deployed during any emergency. Using wireless technology, the device serves as a “force-multiplier” designed to quickly secure a situation. We can also monitoring dangerous situations hundreds of yards away.


Elite Partnerships

AGC is an elite distributor of ground-breaking products from global leaders in network video, IP video surveillance, IP access control, unified platform and other solutions, including Axis Camera and Genetec.