How We Transform Security


Quickly Find Events, Run Investigations!

One Login for Everything

Our security platform simplifies, and greatly modernizes, how clients monitor their surveillance cameras, find incidents and run investigations. A single interface unifies cameras, access control, alarms and more. One login is all it takes.

AGC maximizes system benefits based on specified needs and goals. We know how to eliminate camera blind spots; how such features as people counters and visitor-management tools achieve security and business goals; or how to configure cameras to eliminate false alarms, even at night.

Examples of How We Transform Life for Security

  • Users find incidents within stored video in seconds versus hours while pinpointing when and where movement occurred.
  • Cameras can synch automatically to the same timeframe; operators are no longer required to review multiple video feeds to track incidents.
  • Card-reader incidents are linked quickly to the cameras covering those card-reader locations.
  • Color indicators show areas of interest within camera timelines.
  • Simple point-and-drag steps isolate and capture video coverage. Exporting to law enforcement or other recipients is just as easy.
  • Our solution can recognize genuine action from non-events (i.e. people approaching a fence versus swaying branches).

User Benefits

  • Faster alerts to different incident types
  • Only one login for all monitoring
  • Simplification and ease
  • Faster decision-making
  • Lower stress
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce training requirements

Our Single Platform Unifies:

  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Intrusion management
  • License-plate Recognition
  • Multi-site Views and Reporting
  • Communications

Pioneering Genetec Locally

Our longstanding relationship with Genetec leaders and support professionals distinguishes AGC as your Genetec expert. We're proud to have earned Genetec's Unified Elite partner status.
In fact, we pioneered Genetec locally some 15 years ago. All of this benefits clients before, during and after installation.

AGC co-founder Chris Keller (r) caught up with Genetec colleagues during the recent partner conference in Nashville.

What You See and Hear

  • A multi-task view for monitoring and reporting tasks using multiple tabs, so you quickly go from operation to operation seamlessly.
  • Interactive maps/geo-scenes that capture locations of all security cameras, doors and alarms with real-time events and status updates.
  • Live cardholder verification for all door activities associated from surrounding cameras. Verify cardholder ID pictures against live or recorded video.
  • Embedded call management that enables video calls to another operator or answer calls from an intercom station via pop-up screens.
  • Dynamic dashboard that automatically displays commands and controls associated with se-lected doors, cameras or areas.

IP Video Management (VMS) — Unified!

  • Seamless viewing of cameras, access control and security alarms
  • Integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure
  • Supports thousands of IP cameras from top manufacturers
  • Examples: Axis Communications, Panasonic, BOSCH-4K ultra HD IP cameras among others
  • Viewing available nonstop
  • Powerful search and reporting tools
  • Centralized reporting and monitoring across multiple sites
  • Monitor video on dynamic maps, web and mobile applications

IP Access Control — Unified!

  • Expanding ecosystem of device compatibility
  • Controllers from: HID Global, Mercury Security and Axis
  • Electronic locks from: ASSA Abloy, Salto SimonsVoss and Allegion
  • Embedded threat-management
  • End-to-end encrypted communications for software/hardware, claims-based authentica-tion and digital certificates
  • More time monitoring critical tasks rather than software administrating
  • Monitor multiple, independent sites as part of a single system
  • Badge design, printing and management

Automatic License Plate Recognition — Unified!

  • Unify with video surveillance and access control
  • Accelerate investigations with advanced reporting
  • Vehicle behavior analysis
  • Capture reads at up to 15 MPH
  • Auto display of live footage when vehicle of interest is detected
  • Decrease ticket disputes and increase enforcement
  • Centralize law enforcement investigations citywide
  • Share plate reads beyond your organization