Unification over integration — Although distinct security systems (such as video surveillance or access control) can be linked, they require different platforms and vendors. Genetec’s Security Center unifies these and more systems with single login access. In fact, we’ve eliminated up to 10 logins for one client. Critical functions can be completed in minutes versus hours. Modern analytics, tools and reporting are available.

Stop ‘good money going after bad’ — We’ve seen businesses pour money to upkeep a hodge-podge of security systems, and the costs pile up over time. Our Genetec solution eliminates extra costs associated with multiple vendors and maintenance contracts.

Ease workloads — Managing numerous security applications can tax IT and Security teams, eroding performance and morale. At the enterprise level, these departments have demanding roles to begin with. Genetec unification can relieve workloads while increasing performance.

Corral unwieldy components — In some instances, we’ve inspected security systems that contained five or more DRVs installed over the years. In addition to poor image quality, these components were difficult, if not impossible, to manage properly. Because they function outside of internal protocols, they were more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Genetec’s Security Center corrals unwieldly components onto a single, easier-to-manage platform with greater security.

Contact us for a free demo or to answer any questions regarding Genetec’s Security Center platform. Or call 502-583-6000. As a non-siloed integrator, clients have direct access to account reps, solutions architects and firm owners. This gives greater comfort after the sale.