Hanwha Partnership

Best-in-Class Security Cameras

With video surveillance systems, you naturally think about protecting your people, property and reputation. Yet the right system can also benefit sales, customer satisfaction, quality and other metrics. You can even satisfy the demands of Legal, Human Resources, Operations, Risk Management and other departments.

Control Room to Boardroom

We strive to protect clients from manifold threats (even those unthinkable years ago) and boost key metrics, our “control room-to-boardroom” strategy. Thanks to our partnership with Hanwha Techwin America, AGC designs systems that include best-in-class cameras and other components. Packed with the Wisenet 7 chipset for faster processing, these cameras enable outstanding results.

  • Infrared dome cameras
  • Covert cameras
  • 360-degree outdoor fisheye cameras
  • Infrared bullet cameras
  • Outdoor mini pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • HD network PTZ cameras
  • Vandal-resistant cameras

Examples of Customer Results

  1. An intuitively designed video management system (VMS) with proper Hanwha camera models captures products zipping down high-speed conveyors. If the conveyor flow is disrupted, product falls onto the floor, an extremely costly disruption due to product losses and downtime to recalibrate or repair the conveyors. Floor supervisors need answers. Our design captures the high-speed motion so this facility gets answers in minutes versus hours or days. This actionable intelligence averts reoccurrences and improves operations. Camera systems can also overcome vibration, low-light and offer analytics.


  1. Palletized product loaded onto a trailer from a company warehouse can be verified it left undamaged thanks to a VMS and camera system that records the product loading. Typically, once the palletized product is on the trailer and the doors are shut, the destination company assumes responsibility for the shipment. With video coverage, the company shipping the product can verify whether proper loading procedures were followed. If damage is found upon arrival, the source company’s video can verify the cause did not occur at origin, meaning the firm is not liable. A barcoded-scan stamp is used to substantiate video accuracy.
  • Four-frame image to view facial features, hair color, clothing and backgrounds in sharp focus;
  • Overcoming difficult scenes involving brightness, darkness and fog;
  • Advanced processing and lens technologies overcome low-light conditions;
  • Outstanding video analytics, such as heat map, people counting, enter-exit virtual lines, queue management and graphs;
  • Audio analytics that sort out and classify screams, gunfire, glass breakage or explosions;
  • Image stabilization technology and gyroscopic sensors eliminate or reduce motion blur caused by wind or vibration, enabling you to clearly distinguish moving vehicles, etc.;
  • Card slots to support up to 512 GB of data at the edge, preserving stored data in case of unstable network connection.
Let's Address Your Needs

Case histories describe how Hanwha cameras have reduced crime statistics; enable full vision of an entire sales floor while minimizing bandwidth; improve loss-prevention investigations; protect against liability for slips and falls; and other business goals.  Contact us to see how our Hanwha partnership can work for your organization.

Camera features, specs vary by model.