Local, white-glove service. As a local provider, we’re in your backyard, not places like California or Holmdel, New Jersey (yes, “Holmdel,” wherever that is). Our Account Managers are here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Yet our cloud architecture serves clients throughout America and beyond.

Higher costs for older telephone lines. Our solution doesn’t require lines or on-site equipment. This means you avoid the headache of traditional copper-line providers charging significantly more for these old analog lines. Or they’re switching customers to fiber or digital. With us, these are nonevents.

Statements like ‘we have no replacement parts’ or ‘support unavailable.’ You don’t have to endure such frustrations with AGC. For many businesses with wall-mounted servers, there are no parts to fix the aging equipment. For example, Toshiba has stopped support entirely for its telecom division. If available, used parts may require several business days for arrival. With AGC, wave goodbye to such disruptions.

Enjoy the latest- and-greatest system. We design your system to increase productivity and profit while reducing stress. Updates are done automatically. You enjoy many of the same features you are already accustomed to — yet without the on-premises server as well as the expenses and hassles related to the software.

No headaches with business expansions or cyclical reductions. Clients can add or reduce the number of on-site or remote users anytime without dealing with the out-of-control server, software or software license expenses.

No more ‘endless’ holds. Out system’s auto attendant can handle numerous calls simultaneously and quickly and is customizable. It transfers the most valuable callers to your trained specialists. This eliminates customers’ nightmare of being on ‘endless’ hold.

Always focused on important calls. Voicemail-to-email keeps your most important customers in view. Customer voicemails are sent to specific email inboxes. You can easily prioritize and handle them quickly.

Programming customers’ systems to achieve precise goals. Examples include handling emergencies for healthcare firms, streamlining carryout orders for busy restaurants and stronger sales for firms. Would those telecom giants know your organization this intimately? Highly doubtful since they’re based in faraway places. Plus they deal with tens of millions of customers through chat, call centers, etc.

A non-siloed, family-owned provider, AGC’s account managers — even firm owners — are easily accessible and ready to serve you.

The Future of Telecom is Local with National Reach.