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Even Nitty Gritty Details

Medical to manufacturing, we keep a sharp eye on the laws, best practices, dos and don’ts plus other requirements pertaining to how we serve a given sector.


  • Utilities and public works
  • Hospitals and doctor offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporations
  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Airports, public spaces
  • Events televised globally

We work with third-party software vendors to assist with technology deployments, upgrades, maintenance and other solutions. We support all IT assets, including virtualized servers, networking, applications, storage and security.

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13314 West Highway 42
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We know what’s needed for electronic medical records (EMR), lab information systems and practice management software. From diagnostics to billing and scheduling, we know our role in making healthcare more efficient and successful.


AGC supports each stage, from order-taking to wireless inventory tracking. To help clients achieve best results, we can design hardware configurations based on the third-party software vendor’s minimum requirements. Our membership with Kentucky Association of Manufacturers strengthens our ability to serve this sector.


Legal, retail, law enforcement, fire stations, accounting, governments – they all have specific technology needs supported by AGC. It’s a cost-effective solution that enables you to focus on what matters most.