Genetec Unified Elite Partner

Video, access control, license-plate recognition

Single Pane of Glass for All Security Resources

AGC’s Genetec partnership, known as Unified Elite, is the highest level obtainable by any channel partner. In 2005, AGC became the first integrator to deploy Genetec’s unified physical-security platform in Kentucky. From a “single pane-of-glass” interface, operators manage video monitoring, access control, license-plate recognition, intrusion detection, communications and other components.

Users run faster, more efficient operations while enjoying simplicity and ease compared to lesser systems. Open and scalable, Genetec integrates with an expanding list of third-party devices, technologies and plugins.

Control-Room 'Game Changer'

Users manage and upgrade all security operations without disruptions or threats to security. Super-advanced features transform life in the control room — on an amazing scale. When security and IT pros from throughout Louisville attended a product demo, a hospital Security Director praised our solution’s anti-theft capability: “That’s incredible. I wish I had had something like that for the past 12 years,” he said.

He referred to Smart Search which enables operators to quickly locate a person-of-interest moving rapidly throughout a vast facility. Direction of movement and precise locations were determined by quickly coordinating multiple camera feeds with floor-plans. The demo also showed how more operations or investigations are completed in seconds or minutes versus hours — even days — compared to inferior systems, sparking more attendee praise, such as “game changer” and “that’s worth the money right there.”

Combatting Today's Threats

Additionally, users can share live video with police, or law enforcement can access specified cameras. Tracking how frequently a person enters a certain area, instant lockdowns, panic buttons and more are possible. Routine tasks become much easier, like creating access credentials with active-directory integration.

Widespread Camera Connections, Even Entire Cities

Our solution enables a host server to receive external camera feeds from any variety of entities. With our setup, a city’s Emergency Management Center or a private entity’s security command center can view cameras from any business, branch office, school, stadium, outdoor venue, etc. with no license fee for each camera feed.

In-depth Reporting

Generate impressive reports quickly to keep managers or any stakeholders fully informed of security operations. Examples include data that identifies who accessed which door and when. Operators also can determine if someone used another person’s ID card to enter a specific door. Numerous other capabilities are possible.

Broad Industry Experience

AGC has hundreds of satisfied clients and manages more than 1,000 Genetec-installed servers. AGC’s team has worked on Genetec systems within the gaming, transportation, education, healthcare, small business or other sectors.

Genetec Technical Certifications

AGC employees — from field technicians to those in Support or the Data Center — hold a variety of Genetec technical certifications. A given certification reflects extensive training and employees must pass comprehensive examinations on a continuing basis.

Several have achieved the highest-level certification known as Security Center Enterprise. This designation validates deep understanding of Genetec Security Center installation and configuration in a multi-site environment plus the ability to configure Security Center Federation. Certificate holders are equipped to design new systems as well.

Security is critical to business survival, as 2020 underscored. Protect yourself with these features:

  1. A multi-task view for monitoring and reporting tasks using multiple tabs, so you quickly go from operation to operation seamlessly.
  2. Interactive maps/geo-scenes that capture locations of all security cameras, doors and alarms with real-time events and status updates.
  3. Live cardholder verification for all door activities associated from surrounding cameras. Verify cardholder ID pictures against live or recorded video.
  4. Embedded call management that enables video calls to another operator or answer calls from an intercom station via pop-up screens.
  5. Dynamic dashboard that automatically displays commands and controls associated with selected doors, cameras or areas.
Three Core Systems

Video management is one of three core Genetec solutions. Access control and license plate recognition round out these offerings.

IP Video Management System (VMS) solutions that are open and scalable

  • Seamless viewing of cameras, access control and security alarms
  • Integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure
  • Supports thousands of IP cameras from top manufacturers
    • Examples include Axis Communications, Panasonic, BOSCH-4K ultra HD IP cameras among others
  • Viewing available nonstop
  • Powerful search and reporting tools
  • Centralized reporting and monitoring across multiple sites
  • Monitor video on dynamic maps, web and mobile applications


IP Access Control System (ACS) that goes beyond securing doors

  • Expanding ecosystem of device compatibility
    • Controllers from: HID Global, Mercury Security and Axis
    • Electronic locks from: ASSA Abloy, Salto SimonsVoss and Allegion
  • Embedded threat-management
  • End-to-end encrypted communications for software/hardware, claims-based authentication and digital certificates
  • More time monitoring critical tasks rather than software administrating
  • Monitor multiple, independent sites as part of a single system
  • Badge design, printing and management


Automatic License Plate Recognition for law enforcement, municipal and commercial organizations

  • Unify with video surveillance and access control
  • Accelerate investigations with advanced reporting
  • Vehicle behavior analysis
  • Auto display of live footage when vehicle of interest is detected
  • Decrease ticket disputes and increase enforcement
  • Centralize law enforcement investigations citywide
  • Share plate reads beyond your organization
Who Benefits?
  • Airports
  • Cities
  • Education
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Parking enforcement
  • Small businesses
  • Public safety
  • Retail
  • Transit
  • Sports and entertainment
Free On-site Evaluation

What does this partnership mean for you? Contact us for a free on-site evaluation. You will see our combined 50-year history in action as we determine solutions to your security and business goals.