Cybersecurity for All Exposure Points*

Today’s cybersecurity threats are so relentless, so sinister they would have been the stuff of sci-fi movies not long ago.

Your critical information — payroll to customer accounts — could be vulnerable 24-7. Advanced Global Communications understands how to overcome ransomware attacks, phishing — even a full-offensive account takeover. We defend against unsecure or unwanted web content and advanced malware.

Combined with our Data Backups and Managed IT Services, we restore peace of mind for organizations of all sizes.

Being a SonicWall Service Provider and Reseller is critical. An award-winning company based in Silicon Valley, SonicWall was founded in 1991 while we began in 1995. Together, we cover these exposure points:

  • Networks
  • Email
  • Mobile and remote access
  • Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications
  • Endpoints
  • IoT (Internet of Things) devices
Defenses for Today’s Threats
  • Network Security offering Next Generation Firewalls for small businesses, enterprises and governments with Advanced Threat Protection and such advantages as one interface for firewalls, switches and access points
  • Access Security for mobile and wireless access points as well as switches
  • Cloud Security that protects Office 365, G Suite and other SaaS apps as well as virtual firewall that gives the agility and scalability of the cloud with all the advantages of a physical firewall
  • Endpoint Security featuring Capture Client to stop advanced threats and rollback the damage caused by malware and Content Filtering Client that controls unwanted and unsecure web content

* While we can defend against malware, virus threats, etc., we cannot, however, guarantee that we will prevent such incidents from happening.