Good firms open tickets.

Great ones open new worlds.

Security Awareness Training

Simulated phishing attacks. Automated training campaigns. Enterprise-strength reporting. Because 91% of ransomware attacks result from phishing. What percentage of your people
are phish prone? Let’s find out…

Data Backups

On-site and cloud-based backup options are available. Cloud-based backups and redundancies are the best remedy for ransomware attacks.

Managed Services

This Internet as a Service (IaaS) includes virus protection for PCs and computer applications. We monitor and prevent malicious attacks automatically before they download!

Internet Gateways

Outgoing and incoming internet traffic is monitored and protected from threats. These “firewalls” are designed to keep outbound data secure while allowing secure data to enter.

IT Services -- Our Approach

We approach IT from the perspective of restaurant owners, healthcare providers, law partners, local governments — you get the idea. It’s about making IT good for your organization. Cabling, hardware installations, troubleshooting, network designs plus “moves, adds and changes” are handled as well.

Authorized Dealer, Certifications

  • IBM / Lenovo
  • Dell Partner Direct Managed IT Services Certification
  • Cisco Select Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, Tier 1-level support
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • SonicWall
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • Vertiv Liebert

Industry Leaders

Read our cybersecurity advice in The Lane Report.

For support call 502-583-6000.

Email: [email protected].

As a SonicWall Service Provider and Reseller, AGC designs and installs next-gen perimeter security solutions, gateway antivirus and antispyware protection as well as intrusion-prevention services.

Based in Silicon Valley, SonicWall consistently earns elite honors, including 2022 Products of the Year awards. Our partnership delivers boundless defenses in a landscape defined by a remote and mobile workforce.

While we can defend against and/or automatically stop malicious attacks, no security firm can prevent attacks from occurring.