Structured Data Cabling

Louisville, Kentucky and Beyond

We Design, Install, Test and Service:

  • CAT cabling: Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a
  • 10 gigabit
  • Fiber-optic cabling, single-mode, multi-mode
  • Fusion splicing, OTDR
  • Coaxial cabling
  • Aerial and buried for outdoor

Certified Professionals

Advanced Global Communications is your network cable designer, contractor and installer armed with top-level credentials to ensure your project is successful and conducted smoothly, start to finish.

Why Structured Cabling?

Data, computer, network cabling and fiber optic cabling are the FOUNDATION of your office’s local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN). If data cables and fiber optic are not installed properly or the connectors are terminated incorrectly, the noise and cross talk caused by faulty terminations may cause delays with your expensive network plus other problems.

Whether fiber optic, coaxial or category cabling (known also as twisted copper pairs), Advanced Global Communications designs and installs structured cabling infrastructure to help support this critical need. We understand the importance of your ROI, budgets and deadlines.

We install or optimize your LAN’s Open System Interconnection model (OSI) by designing and installing LAN best-in-class manufacturer cable and fiber-optic projects. This includes the required cabling hardware, LAN switches, network routers and firewalls. AGC performs to your expectations, reduces maintenance downtime and accommodates future expansions.

We cable new buildings, renovations or add to existing facilities. We design and build-out data centers with cabinets, racks, patch panels, switches, routers plus backup power supplies as required.

Using advanced equipment from industry leader Fluke, Inc., we test and certify each cable to ensure total system integrity. We ensure horizontal cabling, backbone and voice solutions are installed to meet, even exceed, industry standards. We offer best-in-class manufacturer warranties.

Brands We Service