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Video security-camera technology has come a long way from the original CCTV analog, coaxial-connected cameras and video-recording components. Today’s technologies offer features and benefits that not long ago were impossible or highly expensive.

Many customers use IP camera and video management software (VMS) to protect people, buildings and assets. They maximize business processes, retail customer traffic, team training, etc. Virtually endless uses are now possible.

Network cameras are critical components within a given video security management solution. But not all cameras work as the single answer for every application. “What are you trying to capture?” is the question to ask. From this we design solutions that produce immediate results and continue as needs change.

The Power of Partnerships

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced Global Communications is a certified Axis Communications Partner. In 1996, Axis introduced the first IP camera and other breakthroughs followed. Together, we’re a powerful force for security. We understand camera arrays, bandwidth/storage needs and system integrations. Staying true to your budgets and timelines remains in sharp focus.

Increase Sales

Axis cameras offer exceptional analytics, colors and HDTV images. Zipstream technology analyzes and optimizes the camera’s video stream in real time. Images of interest are recorded in full quality and resolution. Other areas are filtered out to save bandwidth and storage.

With Lightfinder technology, forensic coverage is maximized no matter the viewing area or lighting conditions. Object counters can improve sales and customer satisfaction. Another feature, called shock detection, sends an alarm if the unit is hit.

Object Counters

Looking at object counters, here are several ways they can improve your sales and customer satisfaction while revealing how you can staff and train appropriately:

  1. By counting the number of customers entering your store’s front door;
  2. By counting the number of customers/prospects waiting in line for service and/or waiting to place an order; and
  3. By counting the number of would be customers who lose patience and leave without purchasing anything.

Knowing your store’s daily, weekly, monthly peak/slow periods and customer patterns allows you to staff accordingly and recognize employee customer-service training needs, etc.

True Partners

As true partners, we understand how all of this applies to any organization or industry. This includes retail, manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, etc. We see the bigger picture those “one-and-done” installers fail to recognize.

In turn, you capture valuable results that are proven to achieve business goals. It all begins with our experience and expertise, partnerships and the ability to see everything in proper focus.


*Camera features based on model. Ask for details.

Endless Possibilities for Video Surveillance

  • Excellent HDTV image quality regardless of lighting or size of monitored area
  • Minimize bandwidth and storage to save energy
  • Analytics transform cameras into true business tools
  • Make smart decisions about operations and resource allocation
  • Data can be integrated with your other systems