Flat-Rate IT Managed Services

Simple & Fair

You can’t argue with fairness, good sense and saving money. That’s what you get with Managed IT Services from AGC. We charge a flat rate per PC — simple and fair, which enable customers to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO). We can prevent problems before they happen, delivered by technicians who understand your network. You know their names and trust them.

A flat rate makes sense because you benefit as your network, PCs, printers and other devices operate smoothly year after year. Why should we charge an hourly rate if something goes wrong? That can lead to huge expenses. You should never pay for such charges because our responsibility is for things to go right.

How the Savings Pile Up

Your network, PCs, servers, printers and other devices run smoothly, thanks to our behind-the-scenes support. You can go year after year without costly repairs while freeing up time and resources. You avoid hourly charges for repairs. If repairs are needed, we fix them at no hourly charge. It’s all part of the flat rate, simple and fair.