Who We Serve

How We Generate Value

Since 1995, AGC has provided technology, telecom and security solutions, plus ongoing services, with unsurpassed integrity and attention to detail. And AGC ensures clients’ data and communications networks – the backbone that supports everything they do – are robust, reliable and secure.

As innovators and problem-solvers, we shun the “never been done before” mindset. Instead, we deliver results never seen in the marketplace.

Diverse Clients, Diverse Solutions

Startups to Fortune 500s, our ability to serve diverse and demanding clients is unmatched. Sectors include corporations, small businesses, manufacturers, insurance and banking, healthcare, legal, places of worship, real estate, city and county governments as well as law enforcement.

Among our client lists, hundreds operate in Louisville, KY plus surrounding areas. Some began with two employees and one office. We understood their needs from the beginning. And we addressed future complexities as they hired more people and opened additional offices. Other clients have large campuses and employ people by the thousands. And AGC works well with those involved in nationwide rollouts and service.

Multisite Solutions

One of AGC’s specialized competencies is assisting clients who juggle multiple off-site projects from their corporate headquarters. Despite the complexities or logistics involved, AGC fulfills all company standards and requirements, from insurance certifications to the color of parts. Open and consistent communication are key.

What our Work Represents

We look deeper into what makes clients tick. For a pro sports team, it’s game-day operations without a hitch. For a pizza chain, smart and efficient deliveries. For a real-estate firm, more appointments. For a medical clinic, never missing calls and routing urgent ones to the right person.

We eliminate worries that keep managers and employees pacing at night. This is what partnerships should reflect – taking time to know your organization, widgets to people.

Our Priority

Our priority is long-term solutions based on innovation, creativity and a passion for solving complex challenges. By listening first, we offer options and alternatives, including price points. Or we offer a second opinion for those seeking a fresh (and objective) set of eyes.

Leadership and Longevity

In our business, longevity is everything. Since the first email to ChatGPT, we’ve been around. AGC is constantly learning and ready for what’s next. The past gives us perspective. The future, inspiration.

Through the years, AGC has built decades-long relationships with professionals of every sort. Engineers, scientists, elected officials, first responders, ministers, managers, entrepreneurs – no matter what hat they wear, clients embrace our experience, vision and values.

Experience Throughout

Clients have confidence the right people are on the job, whether it’s through customer service, project management or fieldwork. AGC designs solutions other integrators don’t comprehend or overlook to make their lives easier, not that of the client’s. Our teams become trusted, familiar faces. And they enjoy long careers at AGC. Celebrating anniversaries is a fun part of what we do.

What Makes You Tick?

We’re ready to learn what makes you unique, your challenges and opportunities. Contact AGC or call 502-583-6000.