Data Loss Protection

Local and Cloud-based Backups

PCs, Laptops, Software, Servers, Virtual Servers

It’s a nightmare for any organization: complete or partial data loss resulting from a server that has crashed or failed for some reason. Payroll, customer records, account information are gone. Without data backups, resolution is nearly impossible.

Going into damage control, the organizations grapple with potential harm to stakeholders, their reputations and long-term survival. Questions about who is at fault plus legal and regulatory issues may result.

To avoid such scenarios, we urge clients to consider our data-backup solutions. Remember, attacks are a matter of “when” not “if,” and small to mid-sized organizations are getting hit harder these days.

Why Servers Fail

Why do servers fail? Following are some reasons tracked by our industry:

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  • Malware or some type of cybersecurity breach
  • Hardware end of life reached
  • Power surge, disruption some other electrical problem
  • Damage from heat, water, physical blow of some type
  • Moving parts or recorder surfaces are damaged

Like water heaters or cars, servers are not immune from breaking down or damage.

We’ve Got Your Back

Advanced Global Communications offers two backup options. These are tested, subscription-based services that reflect best practices minus undue costs, especially when compared to the costs resulting from a data-loss disaster.

Option 1 – Backup Disaster Recovery

  • Monitors and maintains your operating status
  • Includes your software, software maintenance and support-agreement subscription
  • Secure cloud storage for redundancy to local backups
    • Single server, PC or virtual server

Option 2 – Managed Online Cloud Backup

  • Monitors and maintains operation status
  • Includes your software, software maintenance and tech support
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Redundant local backups synchronized on network attached storage or network share is optional


In addition, we provide internet firewalls, virus protection plus industry-leading spam filters. We can analyze your network security profile, looking at every detail. We evaluate best practices to help ensure optimum performance, from backup testing to security patches. We offer project planning, implementation and support.

Of course, we are here 24/7 when you need us at 502-583-6000 or Support.