Cloud Video Surveillance

Low-cost Multisite Solution

With cloud-hosted video surveillance through Advanced Global Communications, your video management software is in the cloud, not your site.

Who benefits?

Typically, we recommend cloud-based surveillance for clients managing cameras at multiple sites, such as branch offices or franchise locations. In these settings, handling multiple video servers often becomes cumbersome, costly and inefficient.

We offer free onsite consultations to determine best practices. Call 502-583-6000. This is another reason why we become partners and not “one-and-done” installers.

Custom viewing

With our cloud-based surveillance, you can view multiple camera scenes from the same screen. Customized viewing layouts are standard, such as a screen that shows all cameras tagged “elevator lobby.”

No OS installation, servers

Hosted video eliminates the need to install an operating system or application software at each site. Configuration of routers and deployment of storage servers are eliminated. Clients plug in a small box to connect their analog or digital cameras and can auto-configure the cameras.

Cost of ownership

Compared to traditional systems, VSaaS has an extremely low upfront capital expense with a predictable monthly operating cost. Pricing is based on “pay as you go.”

VSaaS background

Known by our industry as Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), hosted video is ready when you are and connects to numerous existing IP or analog cameras. You can click how long to keep your recordings. Data storage, video recording and processing are fully redundant. You benefit from data encryption in transit and at rest. This VMS solution is future proof by being flexible, scalable and always up to date.

  • No software to purchase, install
  • No license keys
  • No operating system to maintain
  • Customize viewing layouts based on camera locations
    • i.e., those tagged “cash register” or “elevator lobby”
  • Compatible with more than 800 IP cameras, 1000 analog cameras
  • Add analog or IP cameras anytime

AI for Tangible Results

Powerful Artificial Intelligence analytics enable you to focus on both security and business goals.

  • Measure the impact of your marketing on store traffic.
  • Get alerts on people entering restricted areas.
  • Graph and determine peak business hours for better staff scheduling.
  • Flag suspicious transactions with point-of-sale and video integrations.
  • ID specific vehicles and alert security/authorities with license plate recognition.
  • Install thermal cameras with integrated analytics for Covid-19.