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Why Hosted PBX, Voice Over IP?

Our Private Branch Exchange (PBX) cloud-hosted communications with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) modernizes your workplace. Say goodbye to old telephone lines, onsite equipment or repair worries.

Voice, video, chat, messaging and virtual rooms operate across workstations, home PCs, mobile devices or handsets. Most carriers can’t touch AGC’s white-glove service. One call handles your requests!

What is VoIP? … Unified Communications?

VoIP is an umbrella term for technologies that transmit Voice over the Internet. UC is enterprise-wide communications sessions — voice, video and collaboration — accessed from a streamlined interface. VoIP is the backbone that makes UC possible. More on UC.

cloud networks small

Dual geo-redundant cloud networks

Organizations need 24-7 reliability. To optimize system quality and reliability, our network relies on dual geo-redundant server clusters, one in the Western U.S., one in the East. We got you covered!

Optimizing voice quality

An IT and telecom company, AGC understands networking rules to establish handset voice quality. Many VoIP providers won’t even try. They will say, “Call your IT person.”

Wide Angle View Of Busy Design Office With Workers At Desks.
Smiling young businesswoman talking on landline phone. Female professional is using telephone while looking away. She is working at desk in creative office.

Abundant call features

Get more done with the modern features your organization needs. Robust and plentiful, features can be accessed across workstations, home PCs, mobile devices or desktop phones.

Snapshot of features

Call conferencing — Conference bridges with multiple callers and 3-way conferencing after receiving a call.

Call management — Caller ID, attended transfer, auto attendant answering, automatic call distribution, busy call forwarding, barge, burstable virtual call paths, call hold, park, queue, visual voicemail, voicemail-to-text, music and commercials on hold.

Outbound call packages — From pay as-you-go and prepaid minutes to unlimited usage.

Reporting — Get activity reports, call center reports, specific call details, traffic by extension and graphs showing patterns and trends.

Virtual Auto Attendants — Top-level attendants (always-on or time-based) plus sub-level attendants to serve departments like Sales or Service. This feature can even stop robo calls.

Abundant possibilities

We look at voice features from your perspective. Here are two quick instances:
Customizable and effective, Auto Attendant can handle numerous calls simultaneously so it eliminates endless
holds for your customers. We set up Auto Attendant to transfer valuable calls to your most trained specialists.
Voicemail-to-Email keeps important customers in view by sending them to specific email inboxes. So you can
prioritize and handle what’s needed quickly!
Abundant features are good. Abundant possibilities are better.

Anybody can tout features

What separates AGC is how we apply voice features to your business.
For instance, we can program systems to prioritize emergency calls for healthcare providers, appointments for real-estate firms or streamline carryout orders for busy restaurants. Most VoIP providers won’t
make the effort to know your organization. We do. Telephony should work harmoniously with business goals.

Ideal for multi-location companies. Compared to premises-based phone systems, cloud UC eliminates separate systems to connect phones and fax machines over landlines for each location.

Save costs, avoid repairs. Costs for upgrades, software licenses and maintenance are eliminated. Gone are those multiple invoices from different phone companies serving each business area!

Breezy scalability. Clients can easily increase system users without paying for additional primary-rate-interface (PRI) circuits or individual phone lines. We eliminate worries relative to how business expansions or cyclical reductions affect phone systems and users.

Based in ‘The Ville’

Why deal with VoIP providers in New Jersey, California or who knows where?
Based in Louisville, Ky., AGC loves our communities! We’re situated perfectly to serve River Ridge, Bluegrass Commerce, Velocity65 and Oldham Reserve industrial parks.

Actively serving, but not limited to, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Bullitt, Franklin, Trimble, Henry, Nelson, Hardin, Anderson, Woodford and Fayette counties in Kentucky. Same goes for our friends “across the river,” including Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington counties in Southern Indiana.

Your Unified Communications Home Screen...

Unified Communications Banner

Unified Communications enables voice, messaging, chat, virtual meetings and more from desktops and mobile devices — whether in the office or working from home. The push of a button moves calls between desktop and mobile. Users quickly see when contacts are available. Viewing and managing voicemails is just as easy.

HD video comes with unlimited 1:1 and group meetings of up to 100 people per session. Join from the desktop app, browser or mobile app. Video recording is available as well.

Multiple users can share full or partial screens simultaneously and specific applications.  Chat and SMS are performed while making/taking calls or during meetings.

'Always-on' rooms with Unified Communications

Unlike the free versions of Teams or Zoom, our rooms don’t need randomized credentials or URLs for each session. They stay live permanently and can be locked or unlocked. Clients can manage calls to their extensions. Or, access/share email, calendars, Salesforce, CRM and Google spreadsheets, YouTube or other integrations. Unlimited no-time meetings for up to 100 people. Available with paid upgrade.

Office experiences from home

With Unified Communications, your desktop phone can work at home exactly as it does in the office. Customers can use their business number from home. Home PCs work as a phone with video conferencing. Virtual Auto Attendant greets/routes callers, creating a remote “front-desk experience.”


AGC resolves needs national VoIP providers often refuse to address or fail to comprehend. They often say, “Call your IT person.” AGC is your IT person.

White glove service

Tired of chatbots, holds, transfers?

One call or email to our Services Team handles your request. Or, call your dedicated Account Manager’s mobile phone for quick service. Smooth Installations, number porting and onsite training cap our white-glove approach.

Award-winning Yealink Phones

Global best seller!

– Adjustable Hi-Res display to avoid glare
– Touchscreen, one-touch navigation
– Acoustic Shield reduces background noise
– One-touch speed dial
– Full duplex speakerphone
– Dual-port gigabit Ethernet
– Easy connections to Internet and PCs

To maximize voice and service quality, we deploy Yealink desktop phones with free updates. Yealink complements AGC’s Unified Communications. Or, some clients prefer to retain their existing phones. AGC can help determine best options.

Wireless, DECT headsets

Our most popular models

Tested by AGC for performance. Our modern headsets offer freedom and productivity. Ninety percent of background noise is canceled. Ultra-long talk times, long-range connections plus exceptional comfort.

Yealink BH71-Pro

Yealink WH67

Yealink WH62

DECT wireless headset
All-day comfort design
Acoustic Shield technology
Multiple-device connections
Up to 13-hour talk time (mono)
Up to 14-hour talk time (dual)
Connects to PC (and UC)
Connects to handset
Up to 525 feet wireless range

How we're different

– Easy contracts, no nightmares!
– Lower monthly business-line costs by up to 50%
– Phones programmed to achieve organizational goals
– Taking time to know and help your business
– Free system software updates
– Avoid maintenance, service headaches
– Personal service from a local partner
– Building long-term relationships since 1995


Seamless integration of system services

Hosted PBX & VoIP – visual voicemail, chat, recording, conferencing and complete call management

Mobile App – mobile app enables you to make/receive calls from your personal phone using your business number

Contact Center & IVR – increase first-call resolutions and customer service levels

Account Manager – from automated billing to case management and more

Apps and Plugins – integrate with Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Chrome, hosted fax and more

SIP Trunking – both standard and enhanced SIP Trunking

Value proposition

Many providers sell on price-per-seat and features. You do the rest. An IT and telecom firm, AGC prioritizes voice within your data network. We focus on recurring savings, ROI and lowering ownership costs. Contracts are simple, fair, easy-to-exit and amendable to what’s ahead.