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Local 'White-glove' Service

One call or email is all! We’re quick to resolve any telephone-system need. Plus we fix issues national carriers won’t touch (or don’t comprehend) like maximizing voice quality. Enjoy personal, go-to relationships with your account manager. Get smooth installations, number porting or help with canceling old contracts. Onsite training caps our white-glove service.

Why We're Different

  • Because contracts shouldn’t be a nightmare
  • Lower monthly business-line costs by up to 50%
  • Phones programmed to achieve wider organizational goals
  • Taking to know and help your business
  • Free software updates
  • No server (KSU, PBX, processor), “box on the wall”
  • Avoid maintenance, service headaches
  • Remote working made easy
  • Calls, video, chat, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Personal service from a local telecom partner

Unified Communications Plus Handsets

Enjoy cloud-based Unified Communications — like voice, video, messaging and collaboration — from your desktop or mobile phone. Personal mobile phones become business phones.

As part of Unified Communications, we can install our award-winning Yealink handsets with free updates. Or, some clients prefer to retain their existing models. Others deploy Unified Communications without handsets. (Browse Yealink’s Prime Desk series; Cordless DECT IP; and IP Conference phones.)

Cloud phone systems eliminate on-site hardware vulnerable to lightning or depreciation. (Say goodbye to that “box on the wall” everyone is scared to touch!)

Unlike most carriers, AGC prioritizes voice quality within your data network. Plus we program your system to achieve organizational goals — like higher sales or customer satisfaction — by taking time to understand your business.

Drive Productivity Higher

  • Voice, video, chat and collaboration
  • Always-on meeting rooms, huddle rooms, conference rooms
  • Caller ID, conference bridges, music/commercials on hold
  • Text, images, videos and docs to customers or co-workers
  • Personal cellphones become office phones showing office extensions
  • Voicemail-to-email, call history
  • DID (direct inward dialing) numbers
  • Auto attendants, attended transfer, find me, call recording
  • Call queue, busy call-forwarding, forward, hold, park
  • Enterprise contacts, office intercom

Seamless integration of system services:

  • Hosted PBX & VoIP – visual voicemail, chat, recording, conferencing and complete call management
  • Mobile App – mobile app enables you to make/receive
    calls from your personal phone using your business number
  • Contact Center & IVR – Increase first call resolution
    and customer service levels
  • Account Manager – from automated billing to case management and more
  • Apps and Plugins – integrate with Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Chrome, hosted fax and more
  • SIP Trunking – both standard and enhanced SIP Trunking

Yealink a Top Seller Globally

Amazing 7-inch touchscreens, built-in Bluetooth, Office 365 support and more