Business Telephone Solutions

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Handsets, Monthly Plans, Unified Communications

Delivering ‘white-glove treatment’ national providers can’t touch.



Personal visits to ensure complete satisfaction
Flexible contracts, no early auto-renewal
Handsets connected to your data network
Moves, adds, changes (MACs)? No problem!
Prioritizing Voice within your data network
Handsets programmed to achieve business goals
Modern handsets, fantastic features, UC
Awesome savings potential
Cloud or on-premises systems
Call-management training to reduce stress
Making the effort to know your business


Stuck with chat, 800 numbers, help desk
Unable to connect handsets to your data network
Can’t prioritize your network for Voice
Rigid contracts, early auto-renewal, lots of strings
Nightmare to cancel
Millions of customers, you’re a number
Sell on price-per-seat and features; you do the rest
Lowering “churn” (customer loss) a big priority
15 or more handsets means more unfixable issues
No idea about your firm, deeper goals, needs

Unlike national providers, we prioritize your data network for Voice quality* Many IT firms lack this expertise.

*Jittery audio or high latency (time needed for audio to travel). Don’t pay for a system only to discover poor Voice quality upon set up. We can examine your network to achieve Voice quality.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) from Advanced Global Communications is the streamlined work environment for our cloud-hosted systems delivered to your desktop, handset or mobile device. Using a single login you experience:

Visual Voicemail
Call History

Presence Management
Text Messaging
Call Recording
Screen Sharing

Enterprise Contacts
More Features

Hosted and On-Premises Solutions

As a 26-year telecom provider, Advanced Global Communications understands to-day’s options, from handsets to system networking to monthly savings. Remote working, modern features and collabora-tion tools highlight our capabilities.

We serve hundreds of businesses in Louis-ville and surrounding areas, delivering outstanding customer service. This in-cludes on-site visits to ensure everything achieves your exact goals.

Value Proposition

We deliver on recurring savings, ROI and lower cost-of-ownership. National providers sell on price-per-seat and features. You
do the rest. With us, you have one firm for all telecom and IT. Data cabling and other capabilities offer more value.

World Class Telecom
Louisville and Beyond

Make the Right Call

Check out our Business Phone Systems 101, Hosted Telephones and On-Premises sections to learn more, including
handset features and specs. When it comes to business telephones, we answer to you.