Grants Support Team

Securing funds for technology projects

Budgets can be challenging for public-sector organizations. As a solution, we have teams dedicated to securing grants which fund qualified technology initiatives. Our program focuses on security and operational goals. Access-control, video-surveillance and alarm systems are examples. The first step is to contact AGC or call 502-583-6000. We can evaluate your needs and budget situation. Knowing project details will define our approach. From there, we can deploy the proper Grant Service(s) listed below.

Typical Grant Recipients

  • K-12 and higher education
  • State and local public administration
  • Public safety agencies
  • State and local utilities
  • Transit and transportation
  • State and local justice
  • Courts and correctional institutions
  • Healthcare organizations

Grant Services — ‘Doing the Heavy Lifting’

Project consultation — We work with agencies and organizations to help define your projects and frame them in the context of what funders are supporting. Successful grant proposals tend to address identified needs and include measurable objectives. We can help you define these and communicate the results.

Funder research — With a few project specifics, we will develop customized reports on funding opportunities that are the best fit. The reports will identify the most relevant funders based on the project type, organization type, and the project’s geographic location.

Grants development support — Our team provides a range of grant proposal support services. Whatever capacity and resources organizations can dedicate to developing grant proposals, our team can partner with them through the process of submitting competitive applications. We know how to draft professional grant requests.

5,000 + grant programs open annually in the U.S.

Each year more than $990 billion is awarded through various grant programs in the U.S. Our goal is to know all the options to secure the best funding resources Finding and applying for grants can get complicated. That’s why our teams do the heavy lifting. Together, we focus on project goals, not administrative hassles or budget worries.

School Violence Prevention Program grant

An exciting funding example in 2023 is the Department of Justice’s School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) grant. This opportunity supports efforts to improve security at K-12 schools and on school grounds. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acquisition and installation of technology for expedited notification to law enforcement during an emergency.
  • Coordination with local law enforcement.
  • Placement and use of metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures.
  • Training for local law enforcement officers to prevent school violence.

Up to $73 million is available for 2023. Individual awards may be up to $500,000 each. Cost sharing/matching of 25 percent is required. Eligible applicants are state and local governments, tribal organizations, and public agencies (e.g., police and sheriff’s departments and public school districts).

Our team will put together a grant request detailing the need. This includes a two-step application process that involves completion of pre-application forms due May 10, 2023. The full application is due May 17, 2023.

No matter the funding opportunity or process involved, our teams do the heavy lifting. Contact us or call 502-583-6000.

Private K-12 schools may receive funding but cannot apply on their own. The private school must work with another eligible applicant in a subrecipient role.

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