Wireless vs. cabling: Which is right for you?

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Wireless vs. cabling: Which is right for you?

Posted on: January 8th, 2018 by Donn Dunker No Comments

Should your business use a wireless network to save on cabling costs? For small offices, it may be a viable option. But problems may occur when you grow, like performance degradation and, in turn, reduced productivity. As your business grows, more employees and customer devices will want to access the wireless connectivity, thereby increasing the “load” and reducing the performance users expect.


Wireless and high traffic
If the wireless is designed properly with the correct equipment, your wireless can support many connections. However, we do not recommend wireless as a network for businesses that have many users of workstations accessing servers, printers, etc. Wireless does not allow for simultaneous communications; therefore, it can offer limited performance compared to network LAN switches.


Keep growth in mind
When deciding if wireless is right, keep business growth in mind, not only in terms of employee size but connections to devices and servers. Running a successful business means avoiding upcoming traps that undermine productivity or cause frustration among employees.


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