Unified Surveillance Systems

Security Cameras / Access Control / Analytics

HD Megapixel Cameras

We understand how security cameras, video management systems (VMS), access-control and other technologies can achieve business and security goals. How this helps life in the control room is equally important.

With one login, users monitor security cameras, access-control doorways, alarms and analytics from the same screen. Lowered stress, improved decision-making and time saved are achieved. Partnerships with world-class manufacturers enable this success.

In addition to unifying security platforms, we install security devices. These include IP cameras, door systems, card readers, alarms and others.

Our Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is an on-demand, cloud-based VMS compatible with a range of IP and analog cameras. Cloud and on-site recording are available. Cost of ownership is extremely low.

We deploy video management software with single-portal access to camera feeds and access-control activities, all viewed on a single screen.

  • IP video-surveillance, legacy CCTV systems
  • IP and wireless control systems
  • Complete access control, single entries to multi-sites
  • System monitoring to resolve issues before they occur
  • Service of legacy NVR and DVR systems
  • Intrusion detection, monitoring
  • Installation, training
  • National scheduling for multi-site projects, moves, adds, changes


  • Megapixel IP cameras
  • Thermal cameras, panoramic viewing
  • Unified video analytics with smart data
  • Remote access to systems via smart phone, etc.
  • Camera intelligence
  • VMS servers
  • Action alerts to all devices
  • Video feed encryption
  • Single cable provides camera power, video, data
  • No image degradation

Features above depend on type of system

Managed Services & Active Camera View

We monitor surveillance cameras, network servers and other components to identify and resolve problems quickly, which can be critical for large enterprises.