Active shooter training

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Active shooter training

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Check out coverage of AGC’s active shooter training for businesses. Held April 22 at Copper & Kings in Louisville, a panel whose backgrounds include the U.S. Secret Service, Kentucky State Police and U.S. Air Force Special Ops shared their insight to help businesses prepare for an active shooter incident.


According to FBI data, commerce represents the most frequent setting for incidents, and the threat is increasing. The elite panel demonstrated how proper planning enables firms to respond when seconds count between life or death — much like fire or weather emergencies. Moderated by Jeremy Bates, who oversees AGC’s investigations, risk/security consulting, undercover and protective services, the session covered field-tested practices and tips — procedures that can involve Human Resources and other departments to avert tragedy using a team effort.


For more information, contact Jeremy Bates at 502-551-5106.


Presenters included:

Greg Gitschier
— a retired Senior Special Agent for the U.S. Secret Service with a distinguished career spanning 21 years. A Louisville native, Greg provided full time protection to President Ronald Reagan and temporary assignments with all presidents since Richard Nixon.In addition to serving as a criminal investigator for the Secret Service, Greg was a firearms instructor, fitness coordinator and Police Task Force Supervisor for the agency. His duties also included serving as Protective Intelligence Agent for all United States embassies within Asian countries. Greg has protected notable heads of state, such as the Queen of England and Emperor of Japan in addition to Pope John Paul II.

Alex Payne
is the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner for the Kentucky State Police. His career in law enforcement began as a Kentucky State Police Trooper. Alex later was assigned to the Kentucky State Police Post 9 in Pikeville and Post 16 in Henderson. He was also part of the force’s centralized Special Response Team. In addition, Alex served as the primary use of force instructor at the Kentucky State Police Academy. Within KSP, Deputy Commissioner Payne is considered a “legendary figure” who has trained a majority of the agency.
Alex has completed extensive training in special operations, defensive tactics, firearms and active shooter prevention. Before rejoining KSP, Alex served as a Sergeant and then a Major within the Jeffersontown Police Department before becoming a Law Enforcement Specialist with the Kentucky League of Cities.

Keary Miller
is president of Innovative Tactical Training Solutions, which develops and produces training tools that provide the realism in training exercises demanded by the military and emergency medical domains. ITTS specializes in tools that complement training exercises to make them effective in terms of cost and educational value.
A California native, Keary served fulltime with the 123rd Special Tactics Squadron of the Kentucky Air National Guard, based at Louisville International Airport. His job as a pararescuemen was so specialized that the Air Force has only about 300 personnel within these ranks. He is trained to jump out of an airplane two miles high to perform dangerous rescue operations, sometimes in the heat of battle. Tech. Sgt. Keary came under intense fire in Afghanistan while carrying out a lifesaving mission that turned into the deadliest battle for American servicemen in nearly a decade. He overcame a helicopter crash and heavy fire from al-Qaida forces to rescue and treat seriously wounded personnel stranded on a mountainside, earning Keary a Silver Star medal.