On-demand Surveillance (VSaaS)

Advanced Global Communications offers the world’s first on-demand cloud-based video management system (VMS), which is compatible with a full range of IP and analog security cameras. Known as Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), this solution enables cloud and on-site recording.

Lowering Cost of Ownership
Compared to traditional systems, VSaaS has an extremely low upfront capital expense along with a predictable monthly operating cost. Pricing is based on “pay as you go.” Traditional systems typically involve a monthly subscription fee based on number of cameras and retention period. By using a shared-infrastructure approach, our cloud-based VMS achieves economies of scale to lower total cost of ownership.

Easy Installation
Traditional systems require the installation of the operating system, configuration of routers, setting up storage servers, configuration of cameras and installation of the application software. Our VSaaS has on-demand deployment. Users plug in a bridge appliance to connect their analog or digital cameras to the cloud-based VMS and can auto-configure the cameras. Ongoing support is done through the off-site provider.

Other Advantages
Data storage, video recording and processing are fully redundant. You benefit from data encryption in transit and at rest. This VMS solution is future proof by being flexible, scalable and always up to date.

VSaaS enables users to view multiple locations on one screen anytime, anywhere. Users can customize motion alerts and notifications plus analytics critical for daily business decisions, such as the number of times people crossed a virtual line.

Operators can customize viewing layouts based on camera locations, such as all cameras tagged “elevator lobby” or “cash registers.” Video can be viewed from a computer or mobile phone.

Here is how our VSaaS can improve your operations:

  • Single sign-on to view multiple locations
  • Monitor the daily flow of customers
  • Ensure employees are meeting all standards
  • Prevent theft and centralize loss prevention activities
  • Easily download and share video with anyone
  • Add unlimited users to your account

Free Consultation
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