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01 Jun 2022

AGC Gets Family Business Honor

Credit for AGC’s Small Business of the Year honor goes to the entire team.

During the Q&A session of Louisville’s recent Family Business Awards ceremony, the chairman of the famed Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory revealed his career’s biggest highlight – something that occurred in 1984 and still impacts him today.

Listening to a presentation by management consultant Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Jack Hillerich was struck by Dr. Deming’s philosophy regarding good versus unproductive workers. This view bucked the prevailing rule-of-thumb that 60 percent are good or willing, 20 percent are on the fence while the other 20 percent are bad workers.

“Dr. Deming said workers have a right to enjoy their work,” Mr. Hillerich said. “In the four years I went to business college, I never heard the word joy once. And he said everyone is a willing worker. The bottom line is, if you don’t enjoy your work, how can you be proud of what you do? If you’re not proud of what you do, how can you be productive? If you don’t enjoy what you do, how can you be creative?

“So, my whole career has been can I find ways to bring joy to the company and the people who work with me,” he said. “Because working with people who are joyful or happy is really great.”

Values Lead to Success

As a family business, Advanced Global Communications (AGC) credits such values and the combined efforts of all employees in receiving a Small Business of the Year honor during the ceremony, held May 24 at The Olmsted.

Awarded by Louisville Business First , the University of Louisville’s College of Business and UL’s Family Business Center, the honor reflects AGC’s ability to outperform larger firms while staying true to core business values (for more, visit About). Brothers Chris and Patrick Keller, who co-founded AGC in 1995, accepted the award on behalf of all employees during the event, hosted at The Olmsted.

During the segment’s video presentation, which featured acceptance remarks by all Family Business Awards honorees, Chris Keller echoed Mr. Hillerich’s observations. He stressed the importance of treating employees with respect and trust while delivering “white-glove” service to clients.

In presenting the honor, program officials praised AGC for using its family-owned status and values to outcompete global firms, some with tens of millions of customers and billions in revenue.

More Awards Coverage

A special section with more coverage of the Family Business Awards ceremony, including profiles of each Small Business of the Year honoree, is available to Louisville Business First subscribers. In the section, Chris and Patrick Keller stated what the future holds for business telecom and security-system integration.

“We’re excited about cutting-edge developments within our industry, such as cloud-hosted telephone systems, surveillance cameras guided by artificial intelligence, new ways to protect clients’ data and more. We see these developments before the public and even most competitors. But we look deeper to see how they can be applied to clients’ needs.”

09 Dec 2021

Why Purchase Your Phone System from AGC?

  • More than 26 years ago, we began as a voice provider then evolved into IT, security, audio-visual and cabling. We understand networking protocols and technicalities to ensure telephone systems function trouble-free and achieve office goals.

  • This above point includes system configurations plus network-hardware installations. Some examples:

    • Configure Auto Attendant
    • Create Ring Groups
    • Set up simultaneous mobile-phone integration for users as needed
    • Set up voicemail-to-email integration for users as needed
    • System training with personal voicemail setups
    • Configure gateway anti-virus and malware
    • Configure onto firewall baseline perimeter security
    • Local number porting
    • Content filter to block unwanted websites
    • Set up paging over all phones as needed
    • Create timeframes for call routing
    • Many other steps

  • Customers enjoy Unified Communications (UC) such as voice, chat, text, visual voicemail, HD video meetings, permanent “virtual collaboration rooms,” call center and more. Desktops become “softphones;” Personal mobile phones become business phones displaying office extensions. UC affords remote and hybrid solutions needed for 2022 and beyond.

  • As a Yealink partner, we install the world’s top-selling SIP handset according to the Global IP Desktop Phone Growth Excellence Leadership Award Report, Frost & Sullivan, 2019. Yealink received in 2018 the highest customer satisfaction rating for VoIP phones in the small-business market, per Eastern Management Group. Yealink is compatible with most hosted systems. Customers can purchase their phones, or we have leasing options, if needed.

  • AGC is the registered service provider in Kentucky. Telephone service contracts are not controlled by some telecom giant in a faraway place. Unlike most companies, we can simply end the contract if you’re unhappy with service.

  • No support agreements or annual fees other than the monthly phone bill, which is provided by AGC.

  • Remote service at no additional cost, including moves, adds and changes, voicemail/password resets, programming requests and remote troubleshooting.

  • Customers have direct access to their AGC account manager. Plus, our owners get involved as needed. Many telecom firms have tens of millions of customers. Direct conversations with C-level management is untenable, perhaps laughable if you’re one of 70 million customers. Even access to a helpful customer-service agent could prove nightmarish. By comparison, our account managers, IT engineers and owners are here for you.

We’re happy to provide a free demo at your site. Contact AGC or call 502-583-6000.

11 Oct 2021

Failure Warning: 3G Alarms

Clients whose fire/security alarms use cellular communications as the reporting path to the central monitoring station should note the following caveats:

  • Systems that operate over 3G networks will become inoperable once wireless carriers phase out 3G in 2022. These phase outs are already underway. Completion dates vary by carrier but will occur as early as Jan. 1, 2022, in the case of Sprint (by new owner T-Mobile). Unless upgraded, these alarms would not communicate with central monitoring stations during a fire, disaster or security incident.

  • If your system is served by 3G, updating our system is strongly recommended due to these phase outs. Contact Advanced Global Communications at 502-583-6000 or


Mobile carriers are shutting down 3G networks, which rely on older technology, to make room for more advanced services, such as 5G. Completion dates will occur throughout 2022, with precise timelines depending on the carrier. More information is available at the Federal Communications Commission’s website.

11 Aug 2021

Limited Toshiba Help Begins 10/1

Toshiba-branded telephone systems are entering the final phase of a withdrawal from the telecom business, part of a global restructuring. Therefore, our technical support for Toshiba-branded systems and equipment — including the CIX and IPedge products — will be severely limited starting Oct. 1, 2021. We will support these systems to the best of our abilities while technicians with requisite expertise are available. However, remaining customers with Toshiba-branded phones and equipment should note the following:

  • The absence of factory-level technical support or licensing will limit our ability to service these systems;
  • Parts availability will be limited or unavailable;
  • Expanding these systems beyond their current capacity will no longer be viable; and
  • If we are unable to fix issues, the service call is billable, and we would be unable to troubleshoot further.

Replacing these Toshiba-branded systems before these scenarios happen is our highest recommendation. We offer attractive solutions, including cloud-hosted communications that can reduce line costs and maintenance needs, plus on-premises systems.

We built our telecom business on service, responsiveness and relationships. This will continue long after the unwind of these Toshiba-branded systems.

We have contacted as many affected telecom customers as possible. This began in 2017 and continues with account managers making personal visits to these organizations. Being fully informed so they can plan accordingly is our primary goal.

We built our telecom business through personal service, responsiveness and long-term relationships. This approach began in 1995 with our founding; it will continue long after the unwind of these Toshiba-branded systems.

Use our Support contact form, or call 502-583-6000 for assistance. You may also email service requests to

31 Dec 2020

When to Use OM vs. OS Fiber

Consider these points:

  • OS can accommodate more than one communication signal at longer distances compared to OM.

  • OS transmits thousands of communication signals over several miles. This extended distance enables protection through isolation. If lightning strikes one end, the charge does not transmit down the line.

  • In the past, OM was the choice for shorter-reach applications like data centers or enterprise-level networks. For these applications, clients typically avoided OS because the necessary network connectors (modules found in the switches) were expensive. Today, prices are lower, making OS a viable consideration.

  • OM1 and OM2 are not recommended for new installations, only Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC) to existing installations.

  • Visit our Fiber Optic section for fiber specs, capabilities and more information to help your project.

24 Nov 2020

The Trouble with Poor Cabling Installation

Why use a qualified cabling contractor like Advanced Global Communications? The risks are too great for any organization devoted to safety, performance and professionalism. You potentially risk injury (leading to death or major injury from falling off a ladder), legal ramifications and reflecting carelessness or poor decisions.

Qualified contractors understand local codes and ordinances pertaining to which type of cabling is supposed to go where. For example, in most cases installing PVC-jacketed cabling in a building’s return air-handling spaces, known as plenum, is prohibited. When burned or exposed to extreme heat, PVC emits toxins and harmful particulates. This poisonous mix is dangerous to anyone nearby or those responding to an emergency.

Failure to comply could mean severe fines, a lifetime of reputational damage or ripping out existing cabling for replacement with compliant lines. Better to have peace of mind by contacting a qualified contractor.