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14 Jan 2021

Expand Computing w/o Hardware

As a busy professional, you often multitask during the workday. Why not demand the same from your computing resources and gain some benefits?

Our solutions enable Windows-based servers to carryout different workloads rather than being devoted to one purpose, such as email, while requiring less power and freeing up space. Whether you have strong IT experience or none at all, we can discuss whether this hardware virtualization is right for you.

Essentially, this solution creates and runs a “software version of a physical computer” within an existing server. This virtual machine runs an operating system and applications, which is more efficient that running one operating system on hardware.

When looking at hardware virtualization for any client, we consider your existing network environment, technology needs (both current and future) and other factors. Based on experiences with participating clients, here are some potential benefits from hardware virtualization:


  • Doing more with one server
  • Expanding computing resources without new hardware
  • Freeing up space, using less power
  • Creating or expanding a private cloud environment
    • More flexible on-demand IT services
  • Creating a virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Reconfiguring storage and networking
    • Creating separate categories



As always, Advanced Global Communications is here to assist with your technology questions, needs and goals. Contact us or call 502-583-6000.


27 Aug 2020

Why Data Cabling Matters

Why value structured data cabling? Because when it comes to the cabling that supports your data, video and voice infrastructure, failures — even network problems of any type — can become disastrous to your goals! To succeed in our technology-driven marketplace, your telecom, local area networks (LAN), security cameras, access control and other systems must operate at optimum levels 24-7.

Fiber optic, coaxial or copper, Advanced Global Communications designs and installs structured cabling infrastructure to help support this critical need. We understand the importance of your ROI, budgets and deadlines.

Contact us for a free consultation, any questions or if you need a competitive quote.

14 Aug 2020

No Fee ACH Autopay

As a hosted telephone service customer, your monthly bills can be paid automatically with zero fees thanks to our new Autopay program enabling ACH processing.

Paperless makes it easy to “go green,” reduce clutter and add a little convenience around the office. To sign up, Email: [email protected] to ask for Autopay.

Autopay will make hosted VoIP even more convenient and hassle-free for your business. As always, we appreciate being your full-service provider for telecom and other solutions – IT, cabling, security and audio-video.

03 Aug 2020

On-demand Surveillance (VSaaS)

Advanced Global Communications offers the world’s first on-demand cloud-based video management system (VMS), which is compatible with a full range of IP and analog security cameras. Known as Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), this solution enables cloud and on-site recording.

Lowering Cost of Ownership
Compared to traditional systems, VSaaS has an extremely low upfront capital expense along with a predictable monthly operating cost. Pricing is based on “pay as you go.” Traditional systems typically involve a monthly subscription fee based on number of cameras and retention period. By using a shared-infrastructure approach, our cloud-based VMS achieves economies of scale to lower total cost of ownership.

Easy Installation
Traditional systems require the installation of the operating system, configuration of routers, setting up storage servers, configuration of cameras and installation of the application software. Our VSaaS has on-demand deployment. Users plug in a bridge appliance to connect their analog or digital cameras to the cloud-based VMS and can auto-configure the cameras. Ongoing support is done through the off-site provider.

Other Advantages
Data storage, video recording and processing are fully redundant. You benefit from data encryption in transit and at rest. This VMS solution is future proof by being flexible, scalable and always up to date.

VSaaS enables users to view multiple locations on one screen anytime, anywhere. Users can customize motion alerts and notifications plus analytics critical for daily business decisions, such as the number of times people crossed a virtual line.

Operators can customize viewing layouts based on camera locations, such as all cameras tagged “elevator lobby” or “cash registers.” Video can be viewed from a computer or mobile phone.

Here is how our VSaaS can improve your operations:

  • Single sign-on to view multiple locations
  • Monitor the daily flow of customers
  • Ensure employees are meeting all standards
  • Prevent theft and centralize loss prevention activities
  • Easily download and share video with anyone
  • Add unlimited users to your account

Free Consultation
Learn more by requesting a Free Consultation or call 502-583-6000.

23 Jun 2020

Business Phone Systems 101

A SIP phone. What’s the difference between a SIP and a VoIP phone? See 5th point below. Use these terms to help the buying process.

Glossary of Terms

  • Protocol — This is your basis for understanding industry terms like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Protocols are shared standards for transmitting data packets among telephones, PCs, devices. Devices must receive and send data under the same standards.

  • SIP — This is a “signaling standard.” So this protocol initiates “sessions,” or multi-media communications experiences over a SIP phone, for example. These sessions can involve video or data in addition to traditional voice calls. SIP controls phone functions like ring, hold, transfer, conference, etc.

  • VoIP — This is the wider category encompassing many protocol technologies (SIP falls within this umbrella). These technologies deliver voice sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks by converting analog voice signals into packets of digitized data.

  • RTP — This is known as Real-time Transport Protocol a standard for delivering audio and video over Internet Protocol (IP) networks in real time.

  • SIP vs. VoIP Phones — SIP phones (which work over Voice over Internet Protocol) carry multi-formatted communications such as video, data, chat and voice. Today, most cloud- hosted telephone systems use SIP handsets. VoIP sets without SIP standards (such as some older models) will not work in a cloud-hosted environment since they do not have Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP).

  • PBX — An older industry term that means private branch exchange. It dates to the days of switchboard operators. It refers to an organization’s telephone exchange and equipment.

  • Trunk lines — These lines connect the PBX to an external public switch telephone network.

  • SIP trunking — This service uses VoIP to connect premise-based telephones to the internet. A broadband or internet connection replaces traditional lines, so don’t associate SIP trunking in terms of physical lines. SIP trunking can be used with just about any PBX system, including modern IP-based systems. Sometimes these older systems with PRI need an integrated access device (IAD) to bridge the PRI / T1 to SIP. This makes modern cloud-based communications possible.

  • Cloud-hosted PBX or Cloud-hosted VoIP — Same as “Cloud Communications,” these terms refer to voice and data communications over the internet. All applications, switching and storage are hosted by a third-party outside the organization or business using the system. No capital expenditure for an in-house PBX system is needed, except for the handsets themselves. Ongoing costs (monthly bills and addition of new handsets) are more predictable versus traditional on-premise systems.

Switching to Hosted Phone Systems

Studies show more businesses, especially smaller to mid-sized firms, have switched to hosted over recent years. Primary reasons include monthly savings with cost certainty, modern communications, flexibility with mobility, working remotely and future-proofing their systems. They eliminate capital or maintenance expenditures for in-house equipment as well, except for the handsets.

Before you purchase your next phone system, ask questions, Google the topic and get a list of telecom providers to evaluate. Of course, we want to be part of that list and have the opportunity to earn your business. We can prioritize your data network for voice quality and program your handsets so they reflect goals specific to daily call needs. To make this happen, we prefer doing an on-site survey.

This can benefit government offices serving tax payers, a busy restaurant or large organizations with multiple locations or call-center needs. It comes down to knowing your business goals then customizing your telephone solution to achieve specified objectives based on what you tell us.

11 Jun 2020

From Our Clients…

We appreciate the positive feedback posted by several clients during the first half of 2020. Using our clients’ own words, Advanced Global Communications wanted our teams to capture some praise for their hard work. We are staying the course despite the challenges 2020 has brought to businesses worldwide.

Small business owner

Same day network repair for my business. I called them in a pinch and they sent someone immediately. They didn’t cause the problem but they fixed it!!! We are up and running better than before. Excellent service, best price, service with integrity. I would highly recommended AGC to anyone. Thanks AGC!! I’m making money again. 😁

Diagnostic laboratory

AGC identified our needs from the very beginning, creating a roadmap to help us grow into a secure and effective environment. I have peace of mind knowing AGC is managing every aspect of data and security IT. They have a phenomenal team for anything IT, and their attention to detail is second to none.

Retirement planning firm

I just wanted to share with you how impressed I have been with AGC and helping us with our phone issue. That kind of stuff does not go unnoticed. I really appreciate the service you all have provided. Thank you.

What can we do to earn your trust? What sort of pain points, goals or opportunities do you have in 2020? We welcome an opportunity to listen and assist. 502-583-6000 or use our Quote or Support forms, which are monitored constantly day or night.

29 May 2020

Beefing Up Campus Security

A university is saving 60% in IT and surveillance costs while efficiencies, ROI and security performance have increased thanks to our configurations, said the campus’s chief information officer.

When designing our plan, we took into account dorms, classrooms, facilities, parking lots, campus grounds and events as a total picture. We understood our role in supporting campus life and a robust learning environment.

Our video surveillance solution is eight times more efficient than the previous configuration and requires fewer cameras to achieve situational awareness. At all times, our command center monitors the university’s surveillance cameras, access control, IT networking, emergency call boxes and other platforms or components. This helps to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place or to ascertain and fix problems quickly.

We also automated certain security processes to prevent the possibility of human error. Some tasks that once required a help desk ticket submitted by the school’s IT staff — such as changing access-control privileges — are now performed automatically.

“AGC understood not just technology and security but our purpose as a university,” said the university’s CIO. “They listened to our needs and designed a solution that supports a growing campus offering a rich experience for today’s learner.”

Founded in 1995, Advanced Global Communications integrates voice; structured cabling; security technologies; audio/visual; and IT solutions. Clients represent education, aviation, manufacturing, large corporations, data centers, government, law enforcement, health care, utilities, retail and non-profits. With service partners in North America and Europe, AGC serves thousands of customers with nearly 98 percent client retention.

28 May 2020

Lab’s Glowing Review…

In an interivew, a clinical laboratory said outsourcing their technology services is like having an IT department at their fingertips – without the expensive overhead. This means smooth sailing for the lab’s voice, data and security platforms so personnel can focus on toxicology.

“It’s like having an internal director of information services without paying the exorbitant salary,” said the lab’s CEO. “Advanced Global Communications has a phenomenal team for anything IT, and their attention to detail is second to none.”

Of course, it’s only natural we would promote the fact this busy lab turns to us for technology solutions since that is what we sell. But we can objectively say our Managed IT Services is doing what it’s designed to do: lower cost of ownership, increase reliability and make life easier when it comes to their computers, devices, servers and other aspects of their data network. Here is how we got started with the lab: After conducting a site survey, we installed structured cabling under a design that makes sense for the lab’s building. This cabling design will accommodate growth and the expansion of technology assets.

From this backbone, we installed business telephone systems, a video surveillance system, alarm platform and a redesigned computer network.

Our client also benefits from Managed Solution, a backup disaster and recovery system comprised of hardware, software and 24-7 operational maintenance. We perform full image backups of the entire server with encrypted data stored locally and in the cloud. The system is designed to help protect clients from malware and ransomware, whose victims typically pay ransoms for captured files.

Managed Solution is performed by technicians our clients know by name. Technicians strive to identify and resolve potential incidents before they occur, from software updates to storage issues. They can resolve incidents with video-surveillance cameras, PCs, printers and other devices. If a major crash occurs, the lab can be up and running within minutes or hours versus repair times that could extend for weeks.

“Advanced Global Communications identified our needs from the very beginning, creating a roadmap to help us grow into a secure and effective environment,” the CEO said. “I have peace of mind knowing Advanced Global Communications is managing every aspect of data and security IT.”

30 Apr 2020

Video Verifies Pallet Loading

How can video surveillance verify the fact your company loaded palletized cargo for shipment the right way?

It matters because firms are liable for damage if the palletized cargo was loaded improperly for shipment. We integrated video surveillance technologies that captures loading procedures with a verification feature to substantiate the exact time a specified pallet was prepared for transport. We understand how to integrate the right IP cameras with the proper video management software (VMS) to capture fine details, even in low-light conditions or in overcoming vibration and motion. These challenges can harm video quality if not anticipated in your system design.

When product is loaded properly (and thus undamaged) onto the trailer and the doors are closed, the receiving company assumes responsibility if the goods are damaged during transport. Should that happen, the video system would provide evidence the damage did not occur at origin. When reviewing video, any given pallet(s) can be analyzed, dated and verified as needed.

Our job is to listen to your goals and develop efficient solutions customized to your environment. Contact us or call 502-583-6000.