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14 Dec 2022

Seeking a new phone system?

Need positive change around the office? The new year is a perfect time to act!

Business phones offer a great example. Many customers are switching from older “on-premises” systems to AGC’s cloud-hosted telecom for voice, video, messaging, and collaboration.

Here’s why “the switch” is on:

  • White-glove service that’s local – We’re in your backyard, not places like California or Holmdel, New Jersey (yes, “Holmdel,” wherever that is). Our Account Managers are here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Yet our cloud architecture serves clients throughout America and beyond.

  • Higher costs for older telephone lines — Internet Service Providers will soon charge significantly more for older lines. Or they’re switching customers to fiber or digital. Our solution doesn’t require these lines or on-site equipment, so scratch that worry off your list!

  • Zero replacement parts, no support — In many cases, no parts are available to fix aging equipment like wall-mounted servers. Toshiba’s support has stopped entirely. When available, parts arrival may require several business days. With AGC, you can wave goodbye to such disruptions.

  • Enjoying the “latest- and-greatest” system with free software updates while benefiting from rich features. A few examples include “always-on” virtual meetings, caller ID, and voicemail-to-email. Desktops, handsets, and mobile devices are all part of this solution.

Plus, we program your system to achieve precise goals depending on what makes your organization tick. Examples include handling emergencies for healthcare organizations, streamlining carryout orders for busy restaurants or stronger sales for any firm seeking higher revenues.

Would those telecom giants know your organization this intimately? Highly doubtful since they’re based in faraway places and tend to communicate with tens of millions of customers through chat, call centers or form submissions.

As always, contact us or call 503-583-6000. Also, check out our hosted telecom page and the “101” on business telephones! As a non-siloed, family-owned telecom provider, AGC’s account managers — even firm owners — are easily accessible and ready to serve you.

We offer a full line of award-winning Yealink handsets as part of your overall telecom solution.
09 Dec 2021

Why Purchase Your Phone System from AGC?

  • More than 26 years ago, we began as a voice provider then evolved into IT, security, audio-visual and cabling. We understand networking protocols and technicalities to ensure telephone systems function trouble-free and achieve office goals.

  • This above point includes system configurations plus network-hardware installations. Some examples:

    • Configure Auto Attendant
    • Create Ring Groups
    • Set up simultaneous mobile-phone integration for users as needed
    • Set up voicemail-to-email integration for users as needed
    • System training with personal voicemail setups
    • Configure gateway anti-virus and malware
    • Configure onto firewall baseline perimeter security
    • Local number porting
    • Content filter to block unwanted websites
    • Set up paging over all phones as needed
    • Create timeframes for call routing
    • Many other steps

  • Customers enjoy Unified Communications (UC) such as voice, chat, text, visual voicemail, HD video meetings, permanent “virtual collaboration rooms,” call center and more. Desktops become “softphones;” Personal mobile phones become business phones displaying office extensions. UC affords remote and hybrid solutions needed for 2022 and beyond.

  • As a Yealink partner, we install the world’s top-selling SIP handset according to the Global IP Desktop Phone Growth Excellence Leadership Award Report, Frost & Sullivan, 2019. Yealink received in 2018 the highest customer satisfaction rating for VoIP phones in the small-business market, per Eastern Management Group. Yealink is compatible with most hosted systems. Customers can purchase their phones, or we have leasing options, if needed.

  • AGC is the registered service provider in Kentucky. Telephone service contracts are not controlled by some telecom giant in a faraway place. Unlike most companies, we can simply end the contract if you’re unhappy with service.

  • No support agreements or annual fees other than the monthly phone bill, which is provided by AGC.

  • Remote service at no additional cost, including moves, adds and changes, voicemail/password resets, programming requests and remote troubleshooting.

  • Customers have direct access to their AGC account manager. Plus, our owners get involved as needed. Many telecom firms have tens of millions of customers. Direct conversations with C-level management is untenable, perhaps laughable if you’re one of 70 million customers. Even access to a helpful customer-service agent could prove nightmarish. By comparison, our account managers, IT engineers and owners are here for you.

We’re happy to provide a free demo at your site. Contact AGC or call 502-583-6000.