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24 Nov 2020

The Trouble with Poor Cabling Installation

Why use a qualified cabling contractor like Advanced Global Communications? The risks are too great for any organization devoted to safety, performance and professionalism. You potentially risk injury (leading to death or major injury from falling off a ladder), legal ramifications and reflecting carelessness or poor decisions.

Qualified contractors understand local codes and ordinances pertaining to which type of cabling is supposed to go where. For example, in most cases installing PVC-jacketed cabling in a building’s return air-handling spaces, known as plenum, is prohibited. When burned or exposed to extreme heat, PVC emits toxins and harmful particulates. This poisonous mix is dangerous to anyone nearby or those responding to an emergency.

Failure to comply could mean severe fines, a lifetime of reputational damage or ripping out existing cabling for replacement with compliant lines. Better to have peace of mind by contacting a qualified contractor.