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14 Jan 2021

Expand Computing w/o Hardware

As a busy professional, you often multitask during the workday. Why not demand the same from your computing resources and gain some benefits?

Our solutions enable Windows-based servers to carryout different workloads rather than being devoted to one purpose, such as email, while requiring less power and freeing up space. Whether you have strong IT experience or none at all, we can discuss whether this hardware virtualization is right for you.

Essentially, this solution creates and runs a “software version of a physical computer” within an existing server. This virtual machine runs an operating system and applications, which is more efficient that running one operating system on hardware.

When looking at hardware virtualization for any client, we consider your existing network environment, technology needs (both current and future) and other factors. Based on experiences with participating clients, here are some potential benefits from hardware virtualization:


  • Doing more with one server
  • Expanding computing resources without new hardware
  • Freeing up space, using less power
  • Creating or expanding a private cloud environment
    • More flexible on-demand IT services
  • Creating a virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Reconfiguring storage and networking
    • Creating separate categories



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