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31 Mar 2020

Work-from-home solutions

Advanced Global Communications based in Louisville, Kentucky offers these steps to create a realistic office experience for those working from home. These pertain to advantages inherent with cloud-hosted telephone systems.

  • Use Your Business Number, Ext. from Home — Our cloud-hosted telephone system’s mobile app enables you to use your business phone number (caller ID) and extension while working from home. You are connected to your team and office from anywhere in the country as long as you have cellular data coverage.

  • Conference Calls — You can have 3-way conference calls using this app. If you need more than 3 people on a call, the app enables you to host and manage conference bridges, and it allows you to stay connected to your remote office and teams at all times.

  • Office Handsets Work at Home — The desk phones can be moved to your home office for those who do not have a personal smart phone for business (or do not want to use one).  As long as the customer has Wi-Fi or a modem at home to plug into, the desk phone will work exactly the same way as in an office setting.  You can do extension dialing and see line presence to know who is on a call and who is available. You can transfer calls to other remote workers’ extensions or mobile apps. 

  • PC Becomes Soft Phone, Video Conference Enabled — Our hosted system comes with a Hosted Teams client that allows your PC to operate as a soft phone to make and receive calls through the PC’s speaker and microphone. You stay connected via video conference using the camera on your laptop or PC with up to 4 callers at a time.  Video conferencing through the client allows for screen sharing to share documents and is a nice way to have that “in-person feel.” Use this tool to give live product demonstrations and limit the need for in-person visits. 

  • Remote ‘Front Desk’ Capability — Serving the role of a front-desk receptionist, the virtual Auto Attendant greets all callers then automatically routes them to the appropriate employee. Calls can be forwarded to any device, with messages accessible from any cell phone or home phone. Employees can work remotely while maintaining excellent communication with coworkers and customers.

  • Mass Notifications — Auto Attendants can be programmed to convey changes to work schedules, operating hours or return-to-normal expectations. They offer greater customization than before. 

  • Triage calls — Modern telephone systems can triage or reprioritize calls to ensure critical messages are conveyed. You can set up after-hours messages too. 

  • Remote fixes — More broadly, many telecom or IT service calls (telephones, PCs and networks) can be handled remotely from our command center to speed up resolution. Command center coverage can also prevent breaks, crashes or other problems from otherwise occurring. You avoid needless interactions as well.