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21 Sep 2022

How AGC Uplevels Campus Security

Advanced Global Communications (AGC) and technology partner Genetec teamed up recently at Morehead State University to demonstrate how our longstanding alliance is protecting campuses and other organizations from today’s evolving threats.

As a Unified Elite partner, AGC is the company that integrates Genetec’s unified security platform among organizations throughout Louisville and surrounding regions. This solution enables clients to manage their security policies, monitor events and run investigations using one interface with single login access. Card readers, door controls, security cameras, alarms and other devices all run fluidly on our unified platform.

In short, we transform how security gets done. And our solution’s ecosystem enables clients to expand their systems with new technologies to face emerging threats. New data types are accommodated seamlessly in one interface.

In fact, AGC pioneered integration of Genetec’s signature platform, known as Security Center, within the Louisville and Kentucky markets some 15 years ago. At Morehead State, we discussed recent advances such as Genetec’s Higher Education Portfolio. We even showed how our solutions prevent unauthorized entries due to keycard copying. This copying is now done easily using kiosks at various retail chains, which is just one example of how potential threats are constantly evolving.

We discussed Genetec’s simplification and ease as well. Compared to lesser platforms or bulky multi-system formats, our unified solution enables faster alerts to different kinds of incidents, faster decision-making and lower stress. Running investigations becomes easier while time and money are saved by reducing or eliminating various redundancies such as multiple training requirements or maintenance contracts.

Core benefits include:

  • One login for all security monitoring and tasks
  • Improved collaboration and response times
  • Isolating video in seconds versus hours
  • Emailing captured video to law enforcement quickly and easily
  • Automatic license-plate recognition
  • Customize standard operations procedures for consistent responses

Why is AGC Kentucky’s go-to Genetec integrator? Key factors are thoroughness and expertise. We provide on-site system training for guards, human-resource officers, security managers or other employees before, during and after installation. We understand the finer details, such as updating Windows patches to ensure successful installation to enabling individual workstations to see video coverage (which complements control-room monitoring).

Thinking about converting to Genetec? Here are four key benefits based on case studies. Contact us or call 502-583-6000 to schedule a demo, site visit or to address any question about security. Our solutions protect clients large or small, profit or nonprofit.

As our participation at Morehead State demonstrated, we’re ready to discuss your security needs.