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19 Nov 2020

Avoid Cabling Conflicts

Labor represents the bulk of data-cabling costs. Therefore, when scheduling all the work involved in your construction project, it’s best to add data cabling from the outset, along with painting, drywall and other trades. This enables effective management of labor (both time and costs) and enables us to design a network that makes the most sense for your building.

Real-life conflicts we have seen
For example, what happens if our teams arrive (as asked) as the floor is being installed or was finished several hours ago? We may not have permission to work on newly installed flooring for another 24 hours. Or, it’s impossible to be on ladders while flooring is underway. Poor timing or communication means cost overruns and inefficiencies.

Data-center location is important to network designs. Ideally, it should be placed in an area that enables shorter cable runs to reduce costs. If we become involved midway through construction or some later phase, this may be impossible. We could be forced to locate your data closet/room/center in an area that does not enable greatest efficiencies.