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30 Apr 2020

Video Verifies Pallet Loading

How can video surveillance verify the fact your company loaded palletized cargo for shipment the right way?

It matters because firms are liable for damage if the palletized cargo was loaded improperly for shipment. We integrated video surveillance technologies that captures loading procedures with a verification feature to substantiate the exact time a specified pallet was prepared for transport. We understand how to integrate the right IP cameras with the proper video management software (VMS) to capture fine details, even in low-light conditions or in overcoming vibration and motion. These challenges can harm video quality if not anticipated in your system design.

When product is loaded properly (and thus undamaged) onto the trailer and the doors are closed, the receiving company assumes responsibility if the goods are damaged during transport. Should that happen, the video system would provide evidence the damage did not occur at origin. When reviewing video, any given pallet(s) can be analyzed, dated and verified as needed.

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