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25 Mar 2020
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Network, video intercom issue resolved

Remodeling an entire office suite can be exciting for any firm. Unexpected network problems stemming from the project’s chain of events, however, creates the opposite feeling; It can be a true downer that harms productivity while escalating frustrations.

In a recent case, Advanced Global Communications stepped in to fix such an issue. After remodeling its office suite, a Kentucky firm’s new floorplan called for the use of a video intercom system to monitor the main entrance. However, the video intercom’s live feeds inadvertently crashed the data network each time non credentialled visitors used the main entrance, causing productivity loss among employees.

“This was about productivity for the firm and eliminating duplicate technology at their desks.”
Advanced Global Communications Team

Live feeds from the intercom camera were designed to be accessible from the employees’ desktops. The idea was for an employee to open the door from a workstation when needed. The configuration not only crashed the network, but employees had to walk some distance to the main entrance to grant visitor access.

This was hardly an ideal setup for a successful firm operating within a fast-paced office suite.

How We Fixed the Problem

Although Advanced Global Communications wasn’t involved in the video doorbell work, that didn’t prevent our teams from diagnosing and resolving the problem to everyone’s relief. Our teams installed a customized solution that grants tight security while freeing up the network so employees can focus on their jobs.

Our approach involved the installation of new telephone handsets capable of displaying both the intercom video while operating as an advanced, feature-rich VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone. This was important because employees didn’t want two handsets on their desks – one dedicated to the doorbell and the other to normal telephone use.

How We Boosted Productivity

To boost productivity higher, the new handsets offer one-touch features, a big plus for a busy office with little time for training. These include one-touch transfer, park, record, conferencing and send-to-voicemail. The firm also benefits from Auto Attendant with flexible routing, customized greetings, voicemail-to-email and system redundancy with auto failover and flexible queuing.

Sometimes challenges lead to something better. That’s the mindset which guided our teams as they stepped in to offer some much-needed assistance.