Conveyor Belt Efficiency Rises

How can a video surveillance camera system increase conveyor belt efficiency and thus drive operational success? Designed by Advanced Global Communications, an intuitive video management system (VMS) with proper IP security cameras is able to capture products zipping down conveyor belts in exquisite detail. This integration of modern cameras and a VMS, which we have deployed in the local marketplace, can produce actionable intelligence in seconds or minutes if a problem occurs with a production line.

As was the case with one customer, when the conveyor flow was disrupted for some reason, product fell from the belt onto the floor. This was extremely costly in terms of product loss and subsequent downtime needed to recalibrate or repair the conveyors. Our video surveillance design now covers the moving conveyor-belt scene, including clear, detailed pictures despite motion. If a problem does occur, floor managers get detailed answers within minutes versus hours or days as to the cause. Our camera models have advanced processing and lens technologies to overcome not just motion but low-light conditions and vibration.

This means actionable intelligence to prevent costly reoccurrences and improved operations.

Additionally, our integrated security designs can feature advanced video analytics, such as heat maps, people counting, enter-exist virtual lines, queue management and data graphs. Audio analytics can even classify noise by types, such as breakage, explosions, screams or gunfire. This offers more benefits depending on your need or application.

Naturally, we think of video surveillance systems as protecting people and assets. However, the right design – based on your input – can achieve operational goals. It comes down to understanding today’s modern cameras and how to integrate them with the right video management system (VMS) based on specified needs in your setting or environment.

That’s our job. We’re problem solvers who listen to your needs. Contact us or call 502-583-6000.