Stress Less with Cordless

Our cordless telephone model has proven effective for busy places where employees are on the go.

Are you constantly on the move at work? Examples are busy stores, carry-out counters, warehouses and factory floors. People often juggle internal or outside calls or serve customers in person. You may even hear shouting as the pace intensifies. Before you know it, everyone is out of rhythm due to missed calls, long hold times or overall poor management of calls.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced Global Communications knows the right telephone system can mean the difference between a good day versus one everybody would rather forget. We understand modern handsets, unified communications and monthly plans. We discover ways to customize them to achieve efficient, productive workplaces based on employee roles, what your callers want and other conditions. Our teams may even lower your monthly telephone costs by 50% to 70%.

Click this link: telephone system handsets. Our lineup of Yealink models is a big factor in making these custom solutions a reality.

Yeah Me, Yeah Cordless!

One model that can be especially beneficial to insanely busy places is the Yealink SIP W60P Premium Wireless DECT IP Phone. DECT is an industry term that means Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. This phone is ideal for employees who leave their workstations frequently to juggle tasks. The phone’s Li-ion battery affords 30 hours talk time and 400 hours standby time and is equipped with quick-charge technology.

Why SIP is Super Cool

As a cloud-hosted solution, the Yealink cordless set uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signals only to communicate. Therefore, it will not operate over a traditional analog or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) line as well as the analog station port of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). If connected to an analog/POTS line, the incoming 49 volts would damage the phone when it rings.

“Our cordless model is yet another SIP option to unleash employee productivity despite challenging environments.”

Advanced Global Communications Team

Designed to address the evolving needs of Internet Protocol (IP) communications, SIP is discrete technology within the family of Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP). SIP enables user sessions that involve multimedia — voice, video, messaging, etc. — in addition to maintaining and ending each session. These experiences happen in real time between two or more endpoints over IP networks using an Internet connection.

Looking at the broader implications, SIP opens whole new dimensions of communication, collaboration and “getting it done” in today’s fast-paced era — including your demanding workplace. SIP can benefit organizations with numerous branches or remote workers who rely on multimedia communications. Our cordless solution is yet another SIP model to unleash employee productivity despite challenging environments.

Stronger Hardware, Greater Scalabilities

Now looking at our cordless set option, the Yealink W60B base features an upgraded chip for enhanced capabilities such as support for up to eight handset units, eight SIP accounts and eight concurrent voice calls. This powerful device allows for greater scalability for your voice collaboration.

Compact and Aesthetically Pleasing

The W60B base fits nicely in any office, whether on a desk or mounted on the wall. With a recessed power-cord slot, the W60B is small and sleek — like a work of art. The base integrates naturally into your work environment without adding clutter.

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