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16 Feb 2023

Is Your Security System Open to Cyber Crime?

How many security cameras hang outside the places you frequent?

Surveillance cameras today are nearly ubiquitous. They’re at the gym, airports, businesses, and
nonprofits. Even animals are part of the picture. It’s not unusual for Hummingbird feeders to feature tiny cameras so people can observe these tiny acrobats in action.

The irony is that some camera arrays – whether it’s a network of several or thousands — may
potentially represent a security threat. As history has shown, hackers can access a camera’s IP address. If the camera’s security platform is not designed properly, the hackers can potentially leap into the main data network. Considering everything that’s on a data network — email to computer servers to sensitive customer records — this is how serious damage may occur.

AGC’s Approach to Camera Networks
A system integrator with a 28-year history, AGC fully understands video surveillance and access
control technologies and how to keep them running optimally. As our Solutions Architect often stresses, video-surveillance platforms should be installed in a manner to prevent these incidents. This exemplifies our ability to anticipate concerns other integrators may fail to understand or simply overlook.

When looking at surveillance and/or access-control designs, AGC takes it a step further by:

  • Ensuring internet traffic cannot be routed from the security system’s server, known as a
    network video recorder (NVR), into the larger network. Unlike traditional servers, NVRs have
    operating systems and application software dedicated to video recording. We possess deep
    understanding of these devices. Plus we install them within security architecture that accounts
    for possible breaches.

  • Making firmware updates streamlined and effortless. Even though the security platform is isolated from the main network, updates to camera firmware are still accomplished via remote access or by onsite technicians. Firmware is software embedded in hardware. These updates enable the latest features, compatibility solutions, etc.

Security incidents come in all shapes and sizes – from violent individuals to computer hacks.
Employing holistic solutions is key. As our approach to video-surveillance platforms show, AGC leaps beyond standard practices to keep organizations secure.

Moreover, as a Unified Elite Genetec Partner, we understand how to unify all security platforms and components into a single-pane-of-glass system with one login.

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